Classic Rock reviews "The Final Frontier"


Ancient Marinade
Dang, I thought this was new, but this is not new.  This is old, and also not new.  Great review though!


Ancient Marinade
Black_Thunder94 said:
How come? This is today's news...


That review was posted over a week ago in the official thread for The Final Frontier.  Still a great review though!


Crimson Mask said:
Sure.  I also think whenever someone has a thought on the tour or new album, they should start a new thread instead of posting in an existing one.

Your sarcasm humors me.

Being serious, I wouldn't be opposed to having one thread with all of the reviews in the original post. Just so we could have them all together. It's easy to miss stuff in a couple hundred post thread.

I think if we had that one, as well as the official album thread, we wouldn't need countless others.