Christmas/Holiday Songs

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Tis the season!

What are some good holiday songs? Whether they be metal covers of traditional songs, or just general Christmas music that doesn't totally suck.

Trans Siberian Orchestra is the biggest thing that comes to my mind around this time of year.

Anyways, I'll start off with this Dropkick Murphys Song:



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Niall Kielt

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Im currently in Malta. Its warm, sunglasses and t shirts during the day. But theres Christmas decorations and music everywhere in Valetta city centre. As a northern European I find this strange as fuck. Still, the beer is cold and wet so no complaints


"Don't Let the Bells End" by The Darkness is a wonderful Christmas song full of undercover euphemisms for unexpecting grandmas.

"Reason for the Season" is an actually good song by Christian glam metal band Stryper that just happens to be a Christmas song.

I do always get the Twisted Christmas album out every year when putting up the tree. While I have to say that I also do like Di'anno's contributions to the Metal Christmas album. I've also got Halford's Winter Songs album, but for the most part think it is pretty dire.