Childhood's End

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Educated Fool
A little underrated - one of my favorite songs from Maiden! Amazing melancholic intro and when the drums starts, it's sounds epic. Great verses and the chorus is unique and fantastic. Good riff. Superb twin-lead guitar harmonies and very good solo. I love this song. I wish Maiden will play it live some day. The song is with a perfect length. A hidden gem! 10/10.

My favorite song on the Fear Of The Dark album, and it has been for quite some time now. Childhood's End has never been less than a 9/10 since I first heard it after "unboxing" the FoTD CD way back then, and its been a perfect 10/10 likely since my 3rd-4th playback - about which time this song really took hold.

I for one really enjoy the effect of Bruce singing the dark and doomy chorus, with little more than Nicko's pummeling percussion and a lone guitar line (a guitar line that sounds relegated far back in the background, or perhaps off in the distance somewhere to the left or right of the singer).

Quibble as we may with Bruce's styling and delivery on the chorus of "Childhood's End", I can't imagine the chorus any other way - as it stands, it conveys loneliness, hopelessness, and decay - with a small tinge of hope (perhaps provided by the lone and somewhat elegiac guitar line)