CHEESEVIVÖR II Campaign 1: Rebel Battalion, Battle 1: Dark Avenger vs Rebellion

Which band is cheesier?

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After the war?
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For the prologue, see this link.

For the second battle in this campaign, go here.

Campaign 1: Rebel Battalion, Battle 1: Dark Avenger vs Rebellion

Dark Avenger - The Knight on the Hill
An ichtyogynophobic band from Brazil (you'll find out soon enough what that means), Dark Avenger is one of those groups that just can't help but slap you in the face with all their obvious influences and their complete lack of originality. I suppose we need some bands to not feel bad about eliminating in the first round, right?

Rebellion - Odin
It's Grave Digger! Only that it's not. Instead, it's a band fonded by two ex members of Grave Digger who had this original idea of carrying forth a uniquely German brand of power metal that revolves around - you'll never guess this - the history of the Vikings! Gee. Although to be fair, their opus on Norman history is only three volumes long, and they are dealing with other topics of ancient and dark age history too. Because that's what the metal world has been waiting for.
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Great beginning that one! It's on now! The sound of the singer reminds me of Timo Kotipelto.

edit: meanwhile I am reading Rebellion's article on wikipedia, and what??? Uwe Lulis left his own band (already 5 years ago)? And now I see he plays in Accept(!) since last April.
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You can't have a topless dark avenger after all.

Unless I'm developing a cheese immunity/tolerance, I find that song quite decent. Going to have to go for Odin, for excessive Norse mythology and awful bellowy singing.


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Dark Avenger definitely has some good qualities, not the usual cup of cheesy power metal. Really capable vocalist albeit stealing too much from Geoff Tate perhaps...

Voting for Rebellion/Odin because they're obviously the most cheesy of the two.


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Dark Avenger is a little boring band. They are not bad, persay, but their cheese levels are in their imitation and lyrics. Rebellion is far greater in that factor.

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Fly ravens, fly, and take that song away with you. Have to go with Dark Avenger here. Although @SixesAlltheway actually comes with an understatement saying that they steal from Geoff Tate. I think they have imitated Tate, to the extent that I suspect them of looking actively for a Tate soundalike when hiring their singer.

But both songs definitely deliver the gööds in terms of cheese.