CHEESEVIVÖR II Campaign 1: Orc Battalion, Battle 2: Timeless Miracle vs DragonHammer

Which band is cheesier?

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After the war?
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For the prologue, see this link.

For the first battle in this battalion, go here.

Campaign 1: Orc Battalion, Battle 2: Timeless Miracle vs DragonHammer

Timeless Miracle - Return of the Werewolf

If this band doesn't win, I will call farce. End of story.

DragonHammer - Age of Glory

Another one from the generic Italian power metal generator. If anything about the band name, lyrical topics or soppy keyboard doesn't scream test tube, it will be a timeless miracle. See what I did there?


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Has anyone told Swedes that it's not a werewolf in Little Red Riding Hood? Also, I love how they don't even try to rhyme, and the triumphant-sounding music. It's like they're really happy this kid got murdered.

I promptly went back to poking at the internet during DragonHammer and didn't notice the song had ended.


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"Faster was those burning yellow eyes!"
A Swedish band all right. :D

My very first thought, as well! No quicker way to identify a singing Swede.

Just take a look at this brilliant second verse:

So the story goes of little red
Who went to see her grandma on the moonlit night
She dreamt of places far away from here she strayed from the trail
Walked into the wolfen's lair now death was on its way
When night had turned to morning she was found
In the clearing by her grandmas house she had died
Her heart has been torn out of her chest blood was everywhere
A little girl's been killed again oh god when would it end

The sheer unabashed glee with which they throw around verb tense has me in a giggling fit. I can't wait to hear more songs from them, and please, oh Lord please let them all have lyric videos!