CHEESEVIVÖR II Campaign 1: Magic Battalion, Battle 2: StormHammer vs Pegazus

Which band is cheesier?

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After the war?
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For the prologue, see this link.

For the first battle in this battalion, go here.

Campaign 1: Magic Battalion, Battle 2: StormHammer vs Pegazus

StormHammer - Bloody Tears
Somewhere deep in southern Germany, the dark and damp cellars of an old castle house an institution forgotten by time. During the twilight hours of World War II, Nazi scientists set up a secret research lab which contains an instrument of madness: An electric machine that randomly creates combinations of a limited amount of chemicals that results in cheesy power metal bands, all of which are the very same thing, but with a slightly different order of elements. The name of the facility: Massacre Records. Their latest monster: StormHammer. Watch out for HammerWarrior and FireStorm next.

Pegazus - Wings of Steel
This is a point where I have to shut up and let the video do the talking.


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Pegazus by a mile. They have an OTT sword, cliche metal video, cheesy singalong chorus, and terrible name. Only one thing can stand against a vengeful unicorn, and that's a Pegazus.

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It said StormWarrior in the poll, fixed that :D Glad the Cheesevivör is back, I thought it was abandoned so I removed it from the schedule just few days ago, but it's back now :D

Pegazus is top tier cheese.


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Stormhammer: The song is called Bloody Tears, because of course it is. That's some insane double-bass pedal going on. Then right into power-heavy riffs. Their vocalist sounds like a low-rent Hansi, I get the feeling this guy used to get hardons while singing along to Mirror, Mirror at the top of his lungs. And that chorus, wow. The solo is a little standard, but it's actually not too bad. Then a slow verse with a guy trying to sound like a Barlow and talking about freedom. Stormhammer: we really wish we were Demons & Wizards, and that might be a first.

Pegazus: Apparently someone came to this band in the 80s and told them Cheesevivor was happening. They're painfully bad, traditional cheese metal in every possible manner. And the video is amazing. Whereas StormHammer was interesting, Pegazus is appalling. A true cheesy trainwreck.

Pegazus wins this round.

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I wonder how any single band member manages to keep a serious face for even a second when recording this kind of music,

My vöte goes to the Pegazus song. It is the cheesier of the two. Also, the Stormhammer vocalist ... well.
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