CHEESEVIVÖR II Campaign 1: Magic Battalion, Battle 1: Fairyland vs Dragony

Which band is cheesier?

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After the war?
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For the prologue, see this link.

For the second battle in this battalion, go here.

Campaign 1: Magic Battalion, Battle 1: Fairyland vs Dragony

Fairyland - The Fall of an Empire
Once upon a time, heavy metal was about long-haired kids wearing denim vests or leather jackets, getting pissed and banging their heads to music that was considered provocative and primitive, looking forward to becoming old gits with beer bellys and receding hairlines. Back in those days, a band called "Fairyland" would have been bullied off stage before they ever managed to play a single note. I'm glad we live in more tolerant times.

Dragony - Dragonslayer
I have two confessions to make here: First, it took me ages to figure out that the singer is not a low-pitched female, but a weird-pitched male. Second, I really have a thing for this song. It's everything the Cheesevivör is about, in my opinion.
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Fairyland are terrible. If Disney made metal, this would be it. Dragony get it because I never want to hear Fairyland ever again. They're more standard cheese fare.


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Fairyland is one of the most incredibly bad things I've ever heard. It's truly amazing. It sounds like a keytar is being played.

Dragony is perfectly acceptable cheese.

Dr. Eddies Wingman

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How appropriate to have this as background music while preparing cheeseburgers.

To the songs. I can but concur to everything said above. If there was to be a subgenre called shit metal, Fairyland would be the leading star of the bunch.


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Dragony is equally as bad as Fairyland, but produced better and less offensive to my ears. Also

That's just so mind-numbingly stupid and uninspired that I want them to win the whole thing!

- "Hey guys, let's sing about dragons!"
- "Yes, Gerald, but what do we call ourselves?! I am filled with woe over this epic decision!"
- "Calm thyself, Dwayne, I've got it: Dragony! It feels like it could be an emotional, existential concept or belief system that steers the course of our metal!"
- "Also, it combines 'dragon' with a 'Y'! Genius!"