CHEESEVIVÖR II Campaign 1: Glory Battalion, Battle 4 - Iron Mask vs Human Fortress

Which band is cheesier?

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After the war?
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Campaign 1: Glory Battalion, Battle 4 - Iron Mask vs Human Fortress

Iron Mask - Shadow of the Red Baron

So in 2004, Iced Earth released the Glorious Burden with the song Red Baron/Blue Max. The attempt to make a metal song about WW1 air combat certainly is commendable, but Schaffer's troop failed miserably. And in 2015 the grand masters of the subject rehabilitated the subject with Death or Glory. But let's not forget that Dushan Petrossi's Belgian heroes had a shot at this in 2009. Whether they succeeded to surpass Iced Earth's abomination is for you to decide.

Human Fortress - Raided Land

And another instance of someone using the Aztec calendar stone in a Mayan context. At this point, I can really just roll my eyes at that. Go ahead, use the Mona Lisa as an example of ancient Roman art next...


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Both are quite generic and not as putrid as some of the recent contenders. I have to give it to Iron Mask for managing to make a song that could scarcely be more of a metal stereotype. Oh, and managing to drown out part of the instrumental with random 'war' noises. I can happily listen to this one, actually. :blush:
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Agreed, neither of these is particularly horrendous. I actually kind of like this Human Fortress I must vote for the overbearing Red Baron song.