CHEESEVIVÖR II Campaign 1: Doom Battalion, Battle 2: StormWarrior vs Holy Knights

Which band is cheesier?

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His name struck fear into hearts of men
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For the prologue, see this link.

For the second battle in this battalion, go here.

Campaign 1: Doom Battalion, Battle 2: StormWarrior vs Holy Knights

StormWarrior - Servants of Metal

Whatever happened to "we will never kneel"? Nope, these guys put their lives into the service of metal, just when you thought metal was about independence and freedom. Nevertheless, StormWarrior are a bit of a name, coming from the same Hamburg background as Helloween, for instance, and having all kinds of incestous relationships with them. Can you hear it?

Holy Knights - Quest of Heroes
A high-pitched, neoclassical keyboard/guitar intro... gee, I wonder which country between Alps and Mediterranean these guys are from. And the worst thing is that I originally wrote this for a completely different band I originally wanted to put here.
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StormWarrior is just bland.

Holy Knights...holy hell what a mess of writing this is! They build up so much momentum with that neoclassical section only to railroad the entire thing with a terrible full stop section with so much drama that it lacks any drama at all. By the time the song gets going, it only lasts about a minute and a half with some hilariously high-pitched vocals before crashing dead into a piano ballad that I can only assume segues into the next pompous, poorly constructed track. It tries to be so many different things at once and fails at being anything but cheesy. VOTE!
Complete agree with MrK's synopsis of Holy Knights, but any metal band that sings about metal is at an advantage in my book. StormWarrior gets my vote.
Boycotting StormWarrior: they announced a live album where they played Helloween songs from Walls Of Jericho live with Kai Hansen, then never released it.

And Holy Knights are cheesier anyway.