CHEESEVIVÖR II Campaign 1: Doom Battalion, Battle 2: Pathfinder vs MetalForce

Which band is cheesier?

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After the war?
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For the prologue, see this link.

For the first battle in this battalion, go here.

Campaign 1: Doom Battalion, Battle 2: Pathfinder vs MetalForce

Pathfinder - The Demon Awakens

Will you fly on wings of destination? From the band's website: Pathfinder was formed in 2006 by Arkadiusz E. Ruth and Karol Mania. Both musicians(...) decided to create something new. I'll let you decide whether they succeeded.

MetalForce - Melt Thy Steel
It wouldn't be a CHEESEVIVÖR without Tarek "Metal Son" Maghary. This band is essentially Majesty (i.e. the winner of the last CHEESEVIVÖR) with a new name. According to Tarek, the name change came to him as a revelation in a dream. It's of course a coincidence that the band went under this name between July 2008 and April 2011, the same time they were signed to Joey DeMaio's Magic Circle Music label.


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Pathfinder is both boring and bad.

MetalForce is terrible, but insanely cheesy and gets my vote. Anything that opens with a rousing chorus of "MELT THY STEEL!" deserves a vote.


General of the Dark Army
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MetalForce for being overly heroic. The instrumental in The Demon Awakes was really starting to drag.


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Pathfinder is incredibly horrible. The singers are just terrible, the music is so bland and unoriginal, sounding like Sonata Arctica on speed. And who is crying out in the background of the chorus? It's just so bad.

MetalForce is Majesty. And there's a reason Majesty won the last Cheesevivor. They get my vote.