Bruce's most powerful screams (Live).

Seventh Son

Hey guys, I'm just wondering what your favourite screams are from Bruce, but only live versions of course.

Some of my favourites would have to be his screams in "Wrathchild" from his warm-up tour, "Live After Death" and from "Rock in Rio".

His screams from "Remember Tomorrow" during his warm-up tour and also off "A Real Dead One".

The screams during "Killers" on his warm-up tour.

His screams from "The Number of the Beast" off "Beast Over Hammersmith", the "BBC Archives" and the scream from the 1984 Chicago concert from the "World Slavery Tour".

His scream from "Be Quick or Be Dead" off "Live at Donington".

The scream from "Infinite Dreams" from the "BBC Archives".

The screams from "Where Eagles Dare" from the 1983 Hammersmith concert.

And also the screams from "Aces High" and "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" from the Austrian show in 1984 during the "World Slavery Tour".

Sure there's heaps more, but I just think that these are some of the best :)


Just to add some modern flavour his screams in Flight666 are pretty good, imo
only adds to the atmosphere in ROTAM :notworthy:

Seventh Son

haha yeah, don't get me wrong, he still lets a mean scream rip, I just reckon that he did it better back in the day :)