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The colors are pretty but I also got the box set already. Seems like a good choice if you only like those two albums though.

I'll say this too, I wasn't a huge fan of each album in the box having the same generic inner sleeve with the same liner notes and tracklistings for all the albums. I would've preferred that as a single paper insert and then sleeves that match as closely as possible whatever came with the original albums on vinyl (although I suppose AOB was only a single LP originally). So the new releases presumably have that going for them.

One thing is for sure though: if Rod wants me to buy more Bruce Dickinson vinyl, I'll be excited to purchase his next album whenever it gets finished!

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The colors are pretty but I also got the box set already. Seems like a good choice if you only like those two albums though.
Same here. For a 25th anniversary edition he could’ve at least thrown “The Ghost of Cain” on there. Ah well.

What I would love to see on vinyl is Scream for Me Brazil, but expanded to the full concert instead of the shortened version we got on CD. That CD itself is an amazing live album but just imagine the following in all its glory:

Side One
1. Trumpets of Jericho
2. King in Crimson
3. Chemical Wedding
Side Two
4. Gates of Urizen
5. Killing Floor
6. Book of Thel
Side Three
7. Tears of the Dragon
8. Laughing in the Hiding Bush
9. Accident of Birth
Side Four
10. The Tower
11. Darkside of Aquarius
12. Powerslave
Side Five
13. Tattooed Millionaire
14. Jerusalem
15. 2 Minutes to Midnight
Side Six
16. Taking the Queen
17. Road to Hell
18. Flight of Icarus

@Rod i hope youre reading this cuz i would pay that $60 for this shit sir


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My favourite Bruce solo moment is on Road to Hell. ‘Parody of hope is the one that I must kill. We all have to live with our family inventions’ it’s just a great example of how to to vary a chorus.
Favorite Bruce solo moment? There are many:

The melodic riff and Roy's solo in ''Abduction''
The chorus of ''Change Of Heart''
The chorus of ''Jerusalem''
The intro of ''Kill Devil Hill''
The verses of ''Man Of Sorrows''
The outro of ''Navigate The Seas Of The Sun''
The verses and chorus of ''Power Of The Sun''
The verses of ''River Of No Return''
The chorus of ''Road To Hell''
Adrian's solo in ''The Magician''
''Tears Of The Dragon'', the whole song.


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I was thinking about the other Bruce solo song that Steve wanted for TBOS album, and tried to predict its structure:

-> it will be a 5 minutes long rocker.
-> it will have a faster tempo.
-> it will start with a melodic riff like ''Abduction'' (that will be repeated after the first round of the chorus).
-> the main riff will be a bit heavier (example: ''If Eternity Should Fail'').
-> the verses will be similar to the ones in ''The Tower''.
-> it will have a short pre-chorus.
-> it will have an anthemic and memorable/catchy chorus (not only repeating the title).
-> Roy's solo will be fast but melodic and it will be 20-30 seconds long.
-> it will have a twin-lead guitar harmony after the solo (with one guitar) like in ''Power Of The Sun'' (40 seconds long) that is typical for Maiden.
-> the outro will be similar to the one in ''Soul Intruders'' (ending with a different riff and bang).

Repeats: 2 verses, 2 melodic intro riffs and 3 choruses.
... I described an instant classic! :clap:

I hope Bruce will include it in the new album. It should be a really strong and catchy song, like ''If Eternity Should Fail''.


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New album next year?
I think so. Or maybe he's still writing more songs with Roy now?

Looking at the picture below, I think the album will have one fully acoustic song. Roy had said that they wrote a fair amount of acoustic stuff during the TOS writing sessions, iirc. Especially if the album has more than 10 songs, I think Bruce will include one.

Btw, I think Dave said in an interview that for Senjutsu they used acoustic guitars at the beginning of the writing sessions. Steve writes on his acoustic bass, right? Kevin had shared a photo from Paris 2019 of Bruce with an acoustic guitar alongside Adrian (with his green Jackson), Steve and Nicko.


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Looking at that picture I think that Bruce is trying an acoustic guitar at that shop.
Yeah, it just reminded me about an acoustic song. In the previous photo with Roy from the studio, he also was with a green acoustic guitar.

Anyway, I wonder if Roy will play bass on all songs or it will be like for TOS?

Vocals: Bruce
Guitars: Roy
Drums: Dave Moreno
probably keyboards too?
guest musician: Adrian :blush:
Hope it will be worth the wait.
I have no doubt.