Bruce Dickinson


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Bruce, release The Chemical Wedding II. NOW! I demand! :D
After Roy's post about ''the new wedding'', I expect the album to be heavier (a bit like The Chemical Wedding).

Edit: of course, this could just be a hint about the new album, but if we take ''If Eternity Should Fail'' into account, I'm inclined to believe that. Tyranny Of Souls also has some heavy songs/parts of songs.
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Why is it even 14 EUR more expensive in Köln than in Bremen? I am going to register a complaint.

Now I have noticed that there is indeed a difference.
Apparently it takes place in the "Archdiocese Köln". Huh? So Bruce made a deal with Bishop Woelki who wants to bring this event to his Catholics? :lol:



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Well, don't lose your underwear, he is just talking again.

Yeah, apparently it is going to be more talking bollocks stuff! :lol: