Bruce Dickinson

Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
It features what is possibly the worst version of "Black Night" ever, and it's a shame when you see the line-up. ;)
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This is from 6 months ago (pardon me if it was posted somewhere else before) but a very enjoyable listen.



Out of the Silent Planet
Bruce always wanted to cover (live) the song ''Love Is All'' from Roger Glover's album Butterfly Ball (1974) - vocalist in this song is Dio.

"One of my favorite tenors is Ronnie Dio. Ronnie was kind of a hybrid. As he got older his voice was much more robust, but if you hear him on some early stuff, in particular, some of the stuff he did pre-Rainbow...
"There was an album he did, called 'Butterfly Ball [and the Grasshopper's Feast].' He was a guest on it and
Roger Glover from Deep Purple wrote a lot of it and produced it. There's a song on there called 'Love Is All,' and his voice is like glass. It's so transparent and it's just amazing. I've always wanted to cover that song, not necessarily on an album, but live."