Bruce Dickinson

why did you not just say this early on mr123?instead of making crude jokes about cancer which you have no info on?

I hope to buy the alb this year and will cross my figures it is out and there is a upcoming tour.
you laugh out loud now but you will need the prayers of all the popes if you are the one wearing pants that are small and tight!!
Future will take no prisoners.......

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Glassies of what?? Is surgery a dig at that shit joke smell you made in the past?
You said you "can't read". What the fuck do you think I'm talking about? A glass of whiskey? Heart surgery? Because I'm pretty that I'll be the one needed both after tonight.


Ancient Mariner
Some interesting bits from his show in Milan have been summarised here:

His new solo album (demos apparently already done) is mentioned briefly and also included are the answers to some of the questions from the audience. The most interesting one, in my opinion, is the last one. He was asked about which book he is reading, and his answer was (courtesy of a combination of my Italian skills and Google translate):

"A Pair of Silver Wings is a novel about a World War II pilot. It will become a film, of which I will write the music for and I hope that already next year we will start shooting here in Italy, where part of the novel is set. There are some excellent actors in the cast, like William Hurt and Kevin Kline. "

For those interested, here is the cover of the book.


Black Bart

Ancient Mariner