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I wish I could not ignore a user (and all his posts), but ignore some of their posts containing a certain word.

E.g. the combination of user name "Kalata" and "rare".

Hey, I do not use that word so often. I still think a Bruce picture with guitar (live) is a rare thing.

I sense personal attitude to me, from you Foro.

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Perhaps someone would try me as well but how would you ignore posts when I complain about / criticize stuff. Hard to do what with one word.

"Forostar" and "cabaret"
"Forostar" and "book"
"Forostar" and "musical activities"
"Forostar" and "Bruce"
"Forostar" and "Brexit"
"Forostar" and "rating system"
Forostar and "monotone".


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He looks real uncomfortable with a guitar

He does play a kind of an accent there it's not just straight strumming, so I'm guess he's concentrated more. I think playing and singing together is not easy. And I also like that his Telecaster is audible and you can actually hear that he's doing something.


Out of the Silent Planet
Bruce chooses his top 3 guitar solos:

I'm not surprised for two of it. The solo in ''Stargazer'' is one of the best solos that ever created. The solo in ''Whole Lotta Rosie'' is absolutely fucking amazing pure rock 'n' roll. The third choice of Bruce is a bit odd (Lynyrd Skynyrd solos in ''Free Bird'') and a surprise for me actually.

My third choice would have been Adrian solo in ''Alexander The Great'', or the whole solo section (including Dave's solo too).
Glenn's solo in ''Painkiller'' also deserves a mention.