Bruce Dickinson vs. Axl Rose: who's the best?

A new Youtube video is asking who is the best singer in the world: Bruce Dickinson or Axl Rose?

“Editing this video was painful as I had to leave out so much phenomenal material,” said the fan known as One Man Mambo.

The footage compares Dickinson and Rose since 1981.

The 15-minute video can be seen at

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Axl is a little whiny pussy. Just check his remarks about Maiden at Donington '88.

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It's kind of like comparing Duff to 'Arry, innit?

I saw GnR live in the 80's when they still had Izzy Stradlin. They were sloppier than a bucket of warm pus. And yet, all of the trashy rock chicks at the show seemed to be into it. Much higher ratio of females in the audience compard to Maiden, making it a great place to contract chlamydia.

That's rock'n'roll for ya. I think Axl will have to sing a song about that when he goes on stage with AC/DC.


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Neither is really my favourite as long as you consider the vocals only, but... Bruce. Just Bruce. No contest here.
Easily Bruce Dickinson, I've never thought Axl Rose was that great of a singer, to me it's the other musicians that makes Guns 'N Roses a great band, Bruce Dickinson is among my Top 5 favorite hard rock/metal singers of all time.


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It's operatic wail vs. gargled gravel...two completely different worlds/styles. You might as well compare Eddie Vedder and Dani Filth.
Think this: if Blaze didn't join Maiden in 93 and Axl did. Guns were over at that point.

Guns, Maiden, AC/DC...not bad. Plus he is considered a more likeable singer than even Bruce as public opinion.

X Factor or Virtual XI would have songs like Street of Dreams (The Blues), Better etc.