Bruce Dickinson on BBC Radio 4 "Any Questions" (2nd November)

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I heard him on a business program a few weeks ago on 5 live, discussing the changing nature of the music industry. That was quite interesting, and I'll probably give this one a listen too. Thanks for the heads up.
Yeh, he pops up here & there, doesn't he. Mainly on the BBC, sometimes talking business & aeroplanes, but sometimes talking about music (& Maiden briefly) too. I'll probably give this a listen on Saturday afternoon (the repeat) when I'm driving home from work.
Quite uncharacteristically (for the programme format), before the audience welcomed (applauded) the guests, Dimbleby had a little aside with Bruce asking where the name Iron Maiden came from. There was also a question from the audience that ended with "...or should one party run to the hills?", to some amusement.
Yeh, Ariana, it's a political panel show (in case that wasn't clear, or you didn't know), so it was very much business Brucey, not Maiden Brucey... so yes he said loads of "new" stuff --just nothing to do with Maiden... :)


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Yeah, I supposed he was going to talk about his business and politics, but just thought he might have mentioned something. Thanks though.

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I probably will listen to this because Bruce talks nothing about Maiden but about politics. I'm interested in hearing his thoughts.