Bruce Dickinson: Age and Musical Productivity


Ancient Mariner
Bruce Dickinson: Age and Musical Productivity

In the last decade(s) we've been craving more and more for new music by our beloved singer. Excited by the recent news saying the drums for the upcoming studio album are recorded, I made a timeline of Bruce Dickinson's age + the music he was involved in. I used the following criteria:

This is newly released studio material: guest appearances and covers are excluded; releases are only mentioned if something is not on an album (whatever edition) released in the same era. This is not about when something was recorded. The material listed belongs to Bruce's age when it was released for the first time. Corrections/omissions/comments are welcome! I'm especially not sure about Samson. Maybe some ((other) rather rare) material was released earlier than 2001 and/or perhaps later?

These are Bruce's ages (and calendar years to see when he was that old) without musical productivity -according to the criteria above- since it all started:
25 (1983/1984), 27 (1985/1986), 30 (1988/1989), 34 (1992/1993), 39 (1997/1998), 42 (2000/2001), 44 (2002/2003), 47 (2005/2006), 49, 50, 51 (2007-2010), 53, 54, 55, 56 (2011-2015), 58, 59 (2016-2018)

And these are the fruitful ages:

21 (1979/1980)
Speed - Down the Road (single: check here)
Samson - Head On

22 (1980/1981)
Samson - Shock Tactics

23 (1981/1982)
Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills (single, featuring Total Eclipse)
Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast

24 (1982/1983)
Shots - Lone Wolf (without permission released under the name Xero: check the song here and info here and here)
Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind

26 (1984/1985)
Iron Maiden - Powerslave

28 (1986/1987)
Iron Maiden - Wasted Years (single, featuring Reach Out & Sheriff of Huddersfield)
Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time
Iron Maiden - Stranger in a Strange Land (single, featuring That Girl)

29 (1987/1988)
Iron Maiden - Can I Play With Madness (single, featuring Black Bart Blues)
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

31 (1989/1990)
Bruce Dickinson - Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter
Samson - Live at Reading '81 (featuring newly released studio material)
Bruce Dickinson - Tattooed Millionaire (single featuring Ballad of Mutt & Winds of Change)
Bruce Dickinson - Tattooed Millionaire
Bruce Dickinson - All the Young Dudes (single featuring Darkness Be My Friend)

32 (1990/1991)
Iron Maiden - No Prayer for the Dying

33 (1991/1992)
Iron Maiden - Be Quick or Be Dead (single, featuring Nodding Donkey Blues & Bayswater Ain't a Bad Place to Be)
Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark

35 (1993/1994)
Bruce Dickinson - Tears of the Dragon (single featuring The Breeding House & No Way Out ... To Be Continued)
Bruce Dickinson - Balls to Picasso

36 (1994/1995)
Bruce Dickinson - Shoot All the Clowns (single featuring Tibet, Cadillac Gas Mask & No Way Out ... Continued)

37 (1995/1996)
Bruce Dickinson - Skunkworks
Bruce Dickinson - Back from the Edge (single featuring Rescue Day, God's Not Coming Back, Armchair Hero & I'm in a Band with an Italian Drummer)

38 (1996/1997)
Bruce Dickinson - Accident of Birth (single featuring Ghost of Cain)
Bruce Dickinson - Accident of Birth

40 (1998/1999)
Bruce Dickinson - Killing Floor (single featuring Real World & Confeos)
Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding

41 (1999/2000)
Iron Maiden - Brave New World

43 (2001/2002)
Samson - Survivors (featuring newly released studio material)
Samson - Head On (featuring newly released studio material)
Samson - Shock Tactics (featuring newly released studio material)
Bruce Dickinson - The Best of Bruce Dickinson (featuring Broken, Silver Wings, Acoustic Song, Midnight Jam & Dracula)

45 (2003/2004)
Iron Maiden - Wildest Dreams (single, featuring Pass the Jam)
Iron Maiden - Dance of Death
Iron Maiden - Rainmaker (single, featuring More Tea Vicar)

46 (2004/2005)
Bruce Dickinson - The Tyranny of Souls

48 (2006/2007)
Iron Maiden - A Matter of Life and Death

52 (2010/2011)
Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier

57 (2015/2016)
Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls

60 (2018/2019)
Bruce Dickinson - ???
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Ancient Mariner
Good list. If I remember correctly, 2 Minutes to Midnight was released before Bruce turned 26. ;)

Shouldn't The Wicker Man (US radio edit) also be included? The lyrics are different to the version that was eventually released on Brave New World. Same applies to Man of Sorrows (Spanish version), although that is just probably stretching the criteria you have used.


Ancient Mariner
Cheers for the feedback, Cain. I omitted 2 Minutes to Midnight because it did not feature any different (non-cover) music. I do realize Mission is different -and I admit I might not have stressed it enough in the criteria- but I was especially focused on music.
I thought different lyrics/versions are not different enough either to mention, hope you don't mind.


Ancient Mariner
I thought different lyrics/versions are not different enough either to mention, hope you don't mind.

That is absolutely fine with me. :)

By the way, if I remember correctly, the version of Samson's Live at Reading '81 with additional studio tracks was released in 2001. The LP, without the studio tracks, was released in 1990. :)