Brilliant Alternate versions of Dance of Death And Book of Souls

I thought I'd share these alternate versions of the above mentioned albums, as many people including myself never really liked the originals, or in the case of 'Book of Souls', being a good Eddie cover, but it could've done with a nice background in the theme of this particular Eddie. I did not do the 'Dance of Death' alternate art, but it's really amazing. However I did definitely modify the very last 'Book of Souls' cover. Enjoy them and definitely download them.



Ancient Mariner
Dance of Death one is cool, the other one not so much.
I contest this, solely on the basis that the DoD art is missing the all-important twelve-point star and overall red color scheme that was likely a deliberate choice after the emphasis on blue on Brave New World. Fix those two elements and you might have something.


Bleeding Freak
All of them are too complicated and take away from Eddie too much in a negative way. The DoD cover isn't bad, but doesn't really look very Maiden like, more Iced Earth maybe? I prefer the originals, even the flawed DoD one


Let's Get Volatile
The DoD one and the last TBOS one are cool, but although I don't care for either original cover much, at this point I'm so used to them that any alternative just feels wrong.