BREXIT: You Decide!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CriedWhenBrucieLeft, Jun 22, 2016.


How should Cried vote on Thursday?

Poll closed Jun 24, 2016.
  1. Leave

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  2. Remain

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  3. Spoil Ballot

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  4. Don't bother voting

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  5. FREEDOM!!!

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  1. Mosh

    Mosh The years just pass like trains Staff Member

    What would The Donald do ?
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  2. Night Prowler

    Night Prowler CriedWhenBazzaSued Staff Member

    Build a yuuuuge wall and make Scotland pay for it?
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  3. RTC

    RTC Libera et impera!

    I can't think of one good reason to leave the EU.

    Sovereignty - Sleight of hand; what good is sovereignty when you lack the ability to exercise it, particularly on a global stage when Britain is relegated from a global power to at least a regional power.

    New trade deals - Takes far too much time to establish, particularly without tariffs, and when the EU takes up nearly half of your trade and leaving it would incur more taxation, it's not worth it. TTIP and CETA are happening, with the UK or without it, so that's the US and Canada taken up with regards to large trade deals.

    Immigration - An issue blown out of proportion. No one is in favour of mass immigration, neither is anyone in favour of zero immigration. It's a problem, but leaving the EU wouldn't solve or change anything.

    The EU "Laws" - Misreprensation, they are regulation enforced on businesses, not normal people. And regulations that protect consumer rights, make products safe and of high quality are pretty good regulations in my view. When is the last time your personal liberties have been crushed by the EU?

    Bureaucracy - Read Max Weber; you may not admire it, but it's the best system we have, particularly for such a large collective of people.

    Project Fear - It's only an aspect of the Remain argument. The entire basis of the Leave argument, from square one, is fear-mongering, and paranoid populism.

    Sticking it to "the man" - This vote has nothing to do with Cameron. And what's more, when you continue to vote against the man, you'll end up with a new man to fight. Power always finds a place to rest its head after all.

    But I can think of plenty of reasons to vote Remain.

    The potential - The greatest hegemony in our time is the USA. A European superstate could surpass even that. It's optimistic, but most certainly something we should aspire for.

    Stability - No-one is denying that a Brexit won't bring disarray. Why should we risk losing potentially millions of jobs, crippling the growth of the pound and going against what independent experts on the matter have to say, just to leave the EU?

    Four freedoms - Free movement of goods, people, services and capital are huge and tangible achievements. It would be a tragedy to see them rolled back.

    The trojan horse of Brexit - Brexit is a trojan horse for the alt-right to express their callous and retrograde view on the world. Populism is a festering cancer that is manifesting itself in mainstream politics and the epitome of hypocrisy.

    Research funding - Enough said.

    It's progressive - It's absolutely amazing the amount of progress we've made after WW2, and we really don't give enough credit for the good that the EU has done for everyone involved in it. We only accentuate the negatives and ignore the positives because that is our human nature. Voting Leave would be a giant step backwards.

    There are more reasons, but I think that forms a solid case as to why you should vote Remain.
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  4. mckindog

    mckindog Living for Sanctuary from the law Staff Member

    I don't want Cried to leave.
    Think of how much longer it will take to get to 100,000 posts
  5. JudasMyGuide

    JudasMyGuide ...quite like the Jack of Hearts...

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  6. Brigantium

    Brigantium Grim Reaper Staff Member

  7. CriedWhenCRIEDLeft

    CriedWhenCRIEDLeft The Bucket Liszt

    If Cried left, that would be the end of MaidenFans. Reroute to Remain, I say.
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  8. JudasMyGuide

    JudasMyGuide ...quite like the Jack of Hearts...

  9. Brigantium

    Brigantium Grim Reaper Staff Member

  10. JudasMyGuide

    JudasMyGuide ...quite like the Jack of Hearts...

  11. Ariana

    Ariana Black-and-white leopard

    What I really want to know is, in case Brexit happened, would Cried change his name to CriedWhenBritainLeft?
  12. Collin

    Collin Flying By Night

    I voted for The Clansman's chorus as I believe it is the best course of action Britain can take.
  13. Okay, who is this imposter @CriedWhenCRIEDLeft?!

    Probably that fucking NP bastard...
    It ain't me! :eek:
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  14. CriedWhenCRIEDLeft

    CriedWhenCRIEDLeft The Bucket Liszt

  15. JudasMyGuide

    JudasMyGuide ...quite like the Jack of Hearts...

    There are such creatures? Groovy. :D
  16. CriedWhenCRIEDLeft

    CriedWhenCRIEDLeft The Bucket Liszt

    For if you kill a man like Cried, you will injure yourselves more than you will injure him or me, because his role was that of a gadfly, to sting people and whip them into a fury, all in the service of truth.
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  17. The Flash

    The Flash Dennis Wilcock did 9/11

    You know what's gonna happen if Cried leaves his original account and moves on with his second account?

  18. I... I think RTC is the only person being serious here.
    I already have a #1 fan. You'll just need to be satisfied with number two.
  19. Brigantium

    Brigantium Grim Reaper Staff Member

    I know it's not you. I know what your second account is, and I know who owns this new one.

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