Brave New World or Dance Of Death

Which album do you like better?

  • Brave New World

    Votes: 22 75.9%
  • Dance Of Death

    Votes: 7 24.1%

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Remember the album elimination thread? I'll give you three guesses which one I prefer, and the first two don't count. :bigsmile:


Ancient Mariner
Brave New World.  Even though Dance of Death has Paschendale, Brave New World is far better and more unified as an album. 


Keeping an open eye on the Weeping Angels.
Here, I like both and would find it difficult to chose an outright winner.


Ancient Mariner


Gotta be Brave New World. Thanks to Janick's and Dave's songwriting contributions we got a jewel of an album. Dance of Death doesn't even come close.

Dead Boss

My favs on albums:

Dance of Death: Dance of Death, Montsegur, No more lies, Face in sand, Journeyman, Rainmaker, Age of innocence.
Brave New World: Brave New World

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Tough one. They are equally average. Brave New World is tight in terms of individual song quality, Dance Of Death has a lot of oscillations. But i'll choose Dance Of Death, because it has several real gems, unline BNW which has only good songs.


Brave New World.

Not because I particualiry LIKE that album, but because Dance of Death is so much worse. Sure, it contains Paschendale, but the rest of the songs are really bland and Bruce sounds tired.


Insect of Terror
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Damn you. It came down to album covers, and really there Brave New World wins hands down over Dance of Death. Honestly though, I really like both albums and it was a tough choice. When it comes down to it, I listen to Brave New World more often as an album while with Dance of Death I generally listen to just 5 tracks or so (Dance of Death, No More Lies, Rainmaker, Pachendale, Journeyman).

Dr. Eddies Wingman

Brighter than thousand_suns
BNW wins, by a mile, because it contains several of my favourite songs whereas DoD only contains one of them (Paschendale). That song is brilliant, but it doesn't outweigh the sum of Ghost of the Navigator, Blood Brothers and Dream of Mirrors.


I picked brave new world.
I prefer the sound, and theres more songs i like on that album (I think)!

Dance of Death: Wildest Dreams, Montsegur and Paschendale are the only ones i listen to regularly. Mabye New Frontier and the title track too.

Brave New World: The Wicker Man, Ghost of the Navigator, The Mercinary, The Fallen Angel, The Nomad are all songs i really like, and the rest of the songs on the album are pretty good as well.


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this one was cake, Brave New World, no question, It's a great album overall with one minor slip, while Dance of Death is a consistently average album with only one great mention.


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BNW - DoD has one of my fav songs, but BNW is my favourite album for consistency, by far.


Onhell said:
this one was cake, Brave New World, no question, It's a great album overall with one minor slip, while Dance of Death is a consistently average album with only one great mention.

Just out of curiosity- whats the "one minor slip" on Brave New World?


I think I'm gonna go with BNW.  It's an album with a number of good songs,  but not one of them is great.  It just lacks originality.  But fortunately lack of originality does not have to mean bad.  Most of the songs I will happily listen to anyway (apart from Mercenary, and maybe Out of the silent planet).
DoD on the other hand has a number of weak to average songs,  a few good ones,  and some that are just great (obviously Paschendale is one of them).  So although DoD has some original and much superior compositions than it's predecessor,  it is not better as a whole.


Ancient Mariner
SneakySneaky said:
I think I'm gonna go with BNW.  ...  ... It just lacks originality. 

Could you explain that? I thought Maiden did some new things on this album, e.g. the quantity of clean guitars on and the build-up/structure of DOM, the use of piano(sound) on The Nomad. Blood Brothers was also pretty original for Maiden, stylewise.

When BNW came out I remember they almost sounded like a new band.