Bob Angelo: The Early Days With Iron Maiden & Praying Mantis

Discussion in 'Maiden Chat' started by cnesbit, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. cnesbit

    cnesbit Trooper

    Bob Angelo has a new book out. I just ordered from Amazon. I am curious to see what his take on the early years is like.

    From the publisher's website:

    "Bob Sawyer — one time guitarist with both Iron Maiden & Praying Mantis tells his story covering the previously unchartered depths of the early days of both bands with all the gigs recalled from Bob’s own archive, including previously unpublished photos.
    This unique account details Bob’s musical journey from the early seventies to being the guitarist in Iron Maiden during the band’s formative years in the midseventies — before they had even signed a record contract. The band gigged relentlessly in an around their native East end of London, where they regularly played the pubs and clubs such as the Cart & Horses and Bridge House.
    Although Bob left Iron Maiden before they were signed to EMI, the advent of a surge in this genre dubbed the New Wave of British Heavy Metal saw Bob touring with one of the chief exponents Praying Mantis as part of the 1980 Metal For Muthas Tour that included bands such as Motörhead, Saxon and Samson, as well as his former band Iron Maiden.
    Bob also picked up with Iron Maiden again when Praying Mantis toured as the support act on Maiden’s first headlining tour. Bob kept diaries, which now published in this book, give a great behind the scenes look at the formative days of not just these bands but of the enduring heavy metal movement as well. "

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  2. Poto

    Poto Ancient Mariner

    Is he the guy who apparently wrote Sanctuary?
  3. cnesbit

    cnesbit Trooper

    Yeah. He claims to have written it and that Stave Harris bought the rights from him when he left the band. I think Late 1976 - April 1977? I am very curious to see if there is anything worthwhile in this book hat sheds some more light on this phase of Maiden.
  4. EDthedamnHEAD

    EDthedamnHEAD Not a prisoner, I'm a free man

    Is sanctuary listed as written by Harris in the booklet of the album?
  5. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Sure sounds like it:
    Such info is rare, especially from this particular phase in Maiden.

    Thanks cnesbit! I'd like to get this.

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  6. Luisma

    Luisma Years Wasted

    If anybody gets the book, please post a review. I'm thinking of buying it but I reaaly want to know before hand if it is worth it
  7. Luisma

    Luisma Years Wasted

    Anyone that has the book, think is worth while?
  8. cnesbit

    cnesbit Trooper

    I enjoyed it. The first third of the book is full of first hand accounts of early Maiden gigs. There is also a gear run down for each member and a listing of gigs from his time in the band. The last 2/3rds is more in depth and focuses on his time in Praying Mantis. (Although this section also has many stories involving Maiden from when Praying Mantis toured with them). It's an enjoyable, quick read and definitely worth your time in my opinion.
  9. Luisma

    Luisma Years Wasted

    Thanks for the answe @cnesbit might order it after all.

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