Blaze Bayley

Well you can't blame Blaze for relying to much on his past. War Within Me album in it's entirety, very cool! I'm so excited for the next studio album, I hope they include Luke Appleton in the writing process. He wrote some great songs for Plagues of Babylon and Incorruptible!
The gig was excellent. I spoke to Blaze briefly before the gig and had a chat with Chris Appleton. He is such a good bloke.

The set list was the same as the last few shows. It was great to hear the songs from Blood and Belief and Stare at the Sun! I don’t care how cheesy the lyrics are to 18 Flights, it’s a great live song.

I was stood at the barrier in front of Like Appleton. I can’t remember the last time I was at the barrier.


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''And what is good is that after so many years and the 'Senjutsu' album coming out, people have good back and they've looked at the Blaze Bayley era of [1996's 'best-of' album] 'Best Of The Beast' and 'Sign Of The Cross', 'The X Factor', they've done that, and they've come back with a different look. And then they check out what I'm doing now''.

Is it just me or is Blaze implying here that Senjutsu has X Factor & Virtual XI vibes in it? It's true (in songs like Hell On Earth, Celts, Lost World, Time Machine).

I also like this quote:

''It's nice that it's so well thought of and people are still interested. I've learned a lot. The experiences that I had have affected me and I've learned. And if you listen to my 'War Within Me' album, my new album, you can tell the IRON MAIDEN influence on that; you can absolutely tell. I'm not ashamed of it. I'm, like, well, this is what I enjoyed and learned in MAIDEN, and you'll hear parts of that and hints of that in the album. You'll also hear the development of me as an artist, going beyond that. I'm very lucky to have actually had the top job in my field, to have attained the absolute top''.

His latest album is very melodic and full of Maiden-esque riffs and melodies with a bit of a power metal feel.
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