Blaze Bayley, good or bad?

Which was the better album; The X-Factor or Virtual XI

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What are your thoughts on the tow albums he did with Maiden? Persoanaly I liked him on the X-factor he had the dark voice for it which I don't think bruce has BUT the other album was crap, bruce would have been so much better than him XD


I have always said that Blaze never got a good review beacuse he had come in after about 10 years of Bruce, who was a much better singer


Libera et impera!
To be serious, I think both are about level, but Virtual XI is a lot more to the point while X Factor can get very boring at times.


Ancient Mariner
But on the contrary I'd say that there is more to discover within the songs on the X-Factor simply because the songs isn't as to the point.