Best song contest - Round 1, Part 10

Choose the best song in The X Factor

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Educated Fool
We're past the halfway in round 1 and I don't think it surprised anyone that Fear of the Dark-the title track won the last part. It was nice to see ATSS and JBMG (though unexpected for me) were among the favourites.

On this part, we're moving into the Blaze Bayley era of the band. Of the two albums recorded with him, I guess this one is the more favoured. Some people find this album dark and weak, while some think it is strong and one of the better albums of the band- including Steve Harris himself! Time to vote for the best song in The X Factor...

Already in round 2: Phantom of the Opera, Killers, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Revelations, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Caught Somewhere in Time, Infinite Dreams, No Prayer for the Dying, Fear of the Dark


Educated Fool
Sign of the of the best Steve epics and even better live with Bruce on vocals. LOTB tour version is the best in my opinion. Love that guitar part when Adrian plays harmonies with Janick towards the end.


The dotage of a dotard
“Blood On The World’s Hands” is the clear winner for me. Great song.

“Sign Of The Cross” is good, but overrated. “2 A.M.” is also good. The rest of the album is merely OK or worse.
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el diablo

Educated Fool
This and the prior 2 albums are my least favorite IM albums but they still do have some good songs.
Judgement of Heaven is my favorite from this one.


Ancient Mariner
Sign of the Cross for me.

But there's some other pretty good ones there and I feel the darker songs here dealing more serious and heavy issues.
I won't list here more songs, the album has it's moment but I feel that I need to revisit this album soon..
Somehow there's not always good enough time or certain feeling to put this album on the turntable or cd-player, it just need some exact moment to so.
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Ancient Mariner
I'm going to be completely in the minority on this one, but I fucking love The Aftermath, and it's genuinely my favorite song of the album.
It's mine too. I consider it as the counterpart of "Afraid To Shoot Strangers" as it's a sort of following, musically and thematically.
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Educated Fool
Very difficult to pick a likeable song, let alone the one I like more than others on this horrible album.
I remember liking Blood on the World's hands when I was first owning and listening to this album.

I know the popular vote is going to be Sign of the Cross. It's much better when Bruce sings it. To me the studio release of this song is the epitome of what I don't like about this album. The drums are horrific, and I really get annoyed by the change in volume through out the song. So quiet I have to turn up the volume and then so loud I have to turn it back down. I just want to listen to music, I don't what be continually fiddling with my knob!

Iron Lurker

Ancient Mariner
Voted for Blood. Mainly because I don't like Blaze's voice but he sounds best on this song. Should have voted for Sign but it's going to win anyway


Out of the Silent Planet
The Unbeliever is very underrated and also a personal favourite. Actually no weak track on this album!
^ This.
It's mine too. I consider it as the counterpart of "Afraid To Shoot Stranger" as it's a sort of following, musically and thematically.
Very true. ''The Aftermath'' contains one of Janick's best solos. The part before the solo is awesome too, great melodies that can ''speak''.
Difficult choice between The Edge Of Darkness and Judgement Of Heaven, but I go with Judgement.
I'm really happy to see some votes for ''Judgement Of Heaven'' - the harmonies in it are out of this world! ''The Edge Of Darkness'' is a top song too.


Ancient Mariner
I agree about the part it´s one of the best Maiden albums (Top 5 for me) but I disagree about Bruce. The dark atmosphere on the album fits Blaze baritone voice better IMO. :)
Thank you for agreeing about my opinion about this fantastic album. :) Regarding to both singer voices, I agree about the fact that Blaze's voice fits better there. Nevertheless, I think that Bruce's voice fitted "Sign Of The Cross", "The Clansman", "Futureal", "Man On The Edge" and "Lord Of The Flies" very well on Ed Hunter tour, 'Rock In Rio' and 'Death On The Road'. After that, Bruce lost his ability to fit perfectly on "Sign Of The Cross" and "The Clansman" because of his cancer and the ensuing deterioration of his vocal cords, especially on the highest notes. But, yeah, Blaze was THE only voice of 'The X Factor', but I would be really curious to hear Bruce singing all Blaze's era songs from both records. :)