Best Iron Maiden song without the title in the lyrics?

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I'm bored, so here's a poll :D

I didn't include each and every song... examples: Different World has those two words pretty close, Sun & Steel too, also Run Silent Run Deep is slightly rephrased in the chorus etc. Also didn't include instrumentals.


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Couldn't choose - voted for 5.

I'm actually inclined to go with Ben Breeg, because while there are songs in the list I like better, I really enjoy the vagueness and spookiness of that title in relation to the lyrics.


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Tough choice but I chose The Trooper, Still Life, The Clairvoyant, The Mercenary and Rainmaker.


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Remember Tomorrow
The Duellists
The Edge Of Darkness

Honourable mention to The Mercenary, Purgatory, Flight Of Icarus, Still Life and To Tame A Land.

Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
Remember Tomorrow
Prodigal Son
The Trooper
The Edge of Darkness

Are you sure "No More Lies" shouldn't be part of this poll? :p


Tough choice between Rainmaker and The trooper, but I had to go with The trooper, it was the first Maiden song so it's special to me.

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Remember Tomorrow - second favourite from the first album.
Still Life - just ahead of the song that precedes it on the album.
To Tame A Land
The Duellists (chose this one particularly because I find it much underrated)
The Clairvoyant

Honourable mention to The Trooper, Rainmaker and TROBB. Mercenary would've been a very good song if it wasn't for the over-use of the "show them no fear, show them no pain" line.

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I thought about creating a thread like this, but since you already did, thought I'd just vote here. :p

Well, tough choices, but I went with:
  • "Revelations"
  • "Flight of Icarus"
  • "The Trooper"
  • "Still Life"
  • "Rainmaker"
"The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg", "Total Eclipse", "The Apparition" and "The Clairvoyant" were also very strong candidates.

By the way, "Drifter" has its title in the lyrics. In the end, there's the line "'cause I'm a drifter".


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Remember Tomorrow, Total Eclipse, The Trooper, The Clairvoyant, The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg.


Out of the Silent Planet
No Prayer For The Dying
The Trooper
Flight Of Icarus

Honourable mention: The Mercenary, The Clairvoyant, The Duellists, Revelations and Purgatory