Best Iron Maiden Epic Track

Best Iron Maiden Epic Track

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Ancient Mariner
Caught Somewhere in Time. Best opening track, awesome bass and guitar synth intro that brings you into the cool sound of the album and slowly builds up with drums until you are hit with the twin attack of Adrian and Dave. Bruce jumps in with arguably the best lyrical content of any Maiden song IMO and there is a lot of emphasis in the way he sings them. The lyrics continue into the most amazing riff ever followed by a traditional repetitive chorus that leads into the most epic twin guitar attack of any of their 80s albums. After the twin harmony, you go back to building up to the next verse which is better than the first and more sinister finally ending with Bruce offering you an eternity in hell! and bam, the amazing riff comes again followed by the repetitive chorus once more and then it quickly fades down with Nicko finishing it off in drum roll style and one last thrash of the guitar!

I am finished. Just an amazing song with phenomenal riffs, twin guitar harmonies and great lyrics and singing


I chose Hallowed Be Thy Name, though Alexander The Great is pretty damn epic, if they performed it live it would win hands down. You should be ashamed of yourself for not giving it many listens! ;) It's one of Bruce's greatest vocal moments in my opinion, he just rips through the song perfectly!
I noticed you didn't put anything from Killers.. I think Drifter is a pretty epic song! LIVE anyway, the studio not so much. But I think it was definitely the most epic song from the early concerts, even on Beast Over Hammersmith! The whole crowd would get so into the song! Hell, Bruce even said "we're gonna take the balcony down to ground level!", doesn't get much more epic than that!!!!
First post here BTW, I'll try my best to contribute nothing but positively on here. I've been a big Maiden fan for about 10 years now since I was around 12 when I heard The Number Of The Beast on Tony Hawk 4 lol.

Travis The Dragon

"Here's another fine mess you've gotten me into"
Songs that need to be on the poll: Revelations, Infinite Dreams, Nomad, Dance Of Death, Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, The Legacy, Isle Of Avalon, The Talisman. When the new album comes out, we'll have to have a new poll with all the epics on it.

For now, it's too hard to pick just one. I'll have to think about it.


Ancient Mariner
  1. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (easily)
  2. Sign Of The Cross
  3. Phantom Of The Opera
  4. For The Greater Good Of God
  5. When The Wild Wind Blows
  6. The Book Of Souls
  7. Fortunes Of War
  8. The Talisman
  9. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
  10. To Tame A Land
  11. The Thin Line Between Love And Hate
  12. The Red And The Black
  13. The Clansman
  14. No More Lies
  15. Isle Of Avallon
  16. The Legacy
  17. Alexander The Great
  18. Hallowed Be Thy Name
  19. Afraid To Shoot Strangers
  20. Empire Of The Clouds
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Out of the Silent Planet
From the songs in the poll I will say HBTN.

But for me a epic song is over 8 minutes. So, ATG and ROTAM are strong contenders too.