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Kynisk Sokol

Ancient Mariner
Just to be pedantic, the album is named Black One, not Black 1. ;) I also noticed that they did a drone doom version Immortal's Cursed Realm (Of The Winterdemons). Being an Immortal fan, I'm curious to see their take on it. I've noticed that Stephen O'Malley has done quite a few of these extreme doom projects and I've just tried out Thorr's Hammer. They only released one EP named Dommedagsnatt before disbanding. It's more in the death/doom vein, as opposed to drone doom which doesn't use any convential sense of song structure. It's damn crushing though! They make Cannibal Corpse sound like Blink 182.

The Ancient Mariner

Ancient Mariner
I thought it was Black One, just wasn't sure...!

Yeah Steven O'Malley has done loads of extreme projects and they're all pretty amazing.  The Immortal cover is weird, it's a droning guitar playing the riff, a bass droning in the background and someone screaming manically in the background...  weird stuff!


Ancient Mariner
Can't believe I managed to forget this band the first time round: Skyfire
Melodic Death Metal band hailing from Sweden, if you like Bodom, Dark Tranquillity or In Flames you'll love these guys.  Their music has more depth than CoB, better vocals than IF and more shiny keyboards than DT.  Their vocalist, Henrik Wenngren, employs a harsh vocal style sort of in-between black and death, so he both growls and utters high-pitched screams.  The guitarwork ranges from rather nice riffing to brilliant keyboard-guitar harmonies, and their works often show signs of progressive music, with time changes and weird melodies coming out of nowhere.  For a best summary of the band's work, get 2004's Spectral, but if you prefer keyboards, Mind Revolution is the way to go.