BEST BAND EVER: Drummers, Round 107; Top 64

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I'm not really a big fan of the Knifeman, but he is at least worthy of being in this tournament unlike Klaus Meine. Anneke should have beaten him in each of the previous rounds though, but exposure bias and anti-female singer bias worked against her.

In almost any other pairing I would have voted for Matt Barlow, but I reckon Floor would do a better job of 'A Question of Heaven' than he would of 'Ghost Love Score'.

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Eliminated after Round 100:
Klaus Meine
Matt Barlow

Promoted after Round 100:
Geoff Tate
Floor Jansen

Freddie Mercury (solo, QUEEN)
Serj Tankian (solo, SYSTEM OF A DOWN)


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I'm with you up until this point. Singing is the use of the voice to create musical sounds. They can be atonal, arhythmic, or purely for texture. Sometimes growling fits into one of those three categories, sometimes not. You can also growl melodically. How is growling not singing?
Growling isn't singing, it's growling. So growlers are not singers, they're growlers.
A vocalist is someone who does things with his voice. So growlers are vocalists. Because they do things with their voice.
I prefer singing to growling, because singing sounds better.

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Serj and Halford.

The elimination of Barlow is a farce.

But seriously, dudes, growling is a novelty. Don't overpraise it. Don't overanalyse it.
This quote rubs me very wrong. It’s about as wack as your quotes on the Rush members and comes off as condescending to those of us who like growling, as if you’re some gatekeeper of music and if you don’t like something then that means other opinions aren’t valid. Chuck Schuldiner and Daniel Droste to me have more of that “special” aspect that you’re talking about than a multitude of the *actual* singers in this game. To you maybe not. That’s fine. But it isn’t downright impossible.

Some of these posts are as stupid as the ones I posted back when I couldn’t understand why people disliked The Apparition. It’s fine to dislike something, it’s fine to think it just isn’t as good, but the whole discussion is just wonky.


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May I ask why you don't like Bruce personally or is that too personal? :)
Sure, I'll try to explain, but I don't know how well.

It's mostly just ... well, "air-raid siren" might struck you with awe, but doesn't have to be actually pleasing to your ears. Like I said, Bruce can be a storyteller and can convey emotion and all those high notes he hits and the consistency of his voice are all admirable and I respect him for that.

But personally, his voice can be somewhat grating to me, especially throughout the whole album. A bit too much histrionics. Maiden in general, compared with other bands, are already kinda "hectic", that is, every member is a bit attention grabbing, 'cause you get 'Arry's unusually expressive and present base and Nicko's busy drumming (which I already compared to bands with actual multiple drummers, like the Allmen, it honestly gives me a very similar feel). Even with Mastodon, for example, where Dailor overplays everything like shit you don't have to notice at least Sanders' base all that often.
So with all this internal competition for the listener's attention, the dominating aspect of Bruce might be very intense and can induce headaches if taken by larger quantities. Also his tembre is, well, not really my favourite.

+ and that's where we get really personal ... well, while I don't know him at all, while I don't think about him, while I don't judge him... his personality, as it may be discerned in his singing, in his lyrics, in the little backstage info I ever heard and in his onstage ramblings seems to really not be my cup of tea. Which may be okay, I usually separate the artist from the art, but he is so specific and his singing is so characteristic, it's kinda hard for me sometimes.

That's why - despite him being a much worse singer technically - I actually prefer Blaze. His "veiled", sometimes even broken vocals are nonetheless much more pleasing to me ear and he gives me these vibes of being a much humbler guy. Let me tell you a story to chill the bones? I'm much more willing to sit down and hear his tale, if you please. Bruce is more of a very talented jester who will bend over backwards to get your attention (and saying "fuck you, you wanker" if you're not interested, at least in concert :D ), Blaze is like the guy sitting in the back of the pub, smoking a pipe with a thousand yard stare.

That said, my favouritest-est Maiden album remains AMOLAD. It has been for a quite some time and I consider Bruce's work there to be phenomenal, the album being great thanks to him, not despite him, so there.
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Best vocalist left in the game vs. Serj Tankian. Serj has 7 votes too many.

One of the greatest voices of heavy metal vs. some pop rock vocalist. Lzzy has 1 vote too many.

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Eliminated after Round 101:
Serj Tankian
Lzzy Hale

Promoted after Round 101:
Freddie Mercury
Rob Halford

Russell Allen (STAR ONE, SYMPHONY X)