Beast over Hammersmith picture disc


Can anyone please tell me if the Iron Maiden Beast over Hammersmith picture disc was released as a gatefold sleeve where you can open it up like a book? and was it also a double picture disc 2 ? was it just a sleeve with one picture disc inside? Can you also please tell me was it released as a fan club item only? I know there is the Beast over Hammersmith 1 and the Beast over Hammersmith 2. But I don't know if they were released as of two LP with a gatefold sleeve that you can open like a book. So I'm wondering is it Part 1 2lp and part 2 also a double LP picture disc we're if I buy parts one and two will it be a total of four picture discs or just a total of 2 picture discs. Can someone please explain to me. Thank you