Battle of album singles: Powerslave vs Somewhere in Time

Best album singles: Powerslave vs Somewhere in Time

  • Aces High/2 Minutes to Midnight

    Votes: 20 60.6%
  • Wasted Years/Stranger in a Strange Land

    Votes: 13 39.4%

  • Total voters

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner
Somewhere In Time, frankly 2 Minutes to Midnight is a track which I rarely want to hear. Aces High is on par with Stranger In A Strange Land for amazingness however Wasted Years in my opinion is only rivalled by Hallowed.


Ancient Mariner
Aces High / Two Minutes To Midnight as 'Powerslave' is the first Maiden that I've listened to and because it's my favorite album.


What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine too
Wasted in a Strange Land, although the singles are definitely both top 3 songs on Powerslave.


Ancient Mariner
Aces High is simply put my favorite song alongside Rime Of The Ancient Mariner. And although Wasted Years is also on my top 10 songs and That Girl's cover is quite nice, King Of Twilight's simply amazing (it's a pity the cover isn't solely based on it).


Staff member
I can't choose. The Powerslave songs are better Iron Maiden songs. The SiT songs are better "generic" singles with more commercial potential, with more anthemic-sounding choruses. The question asks about the better singles, not the better songs, but it feels perverse not to vote for the Powerslave giants. I therefore abstain until this poll gets an Adrian Smith option.

Wasted in a Strange Land, although the singles are definitely both top 3 songs on Powerslave.
That statement means you're excluding either "Powerslave" or "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" from the 3 best songs on Powerslave. I'm tempted to declare such a thing to be insanity and insist on your punishment. However, I recognize that the greatness of riches on the Powerslave album makes such errors easy. It's like standing so close to a bonfire that the heat and smoke impair your vision, and then being asked to identify the three hottest logs in the fire.


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Two Minutes is the best of them all, but I would take both SIT songs over Aces High by a pretty large margin, so it wins on that alone.