Bass Harmonies


Everyone knows Iron Maiden is famous for its twin-guitar harmony parts where two guitars play the same melody line a few steps off from each other.

As far as I can tell, now that they have three guitarists, instead of doing three-part harmonies, they've mostly opted for just underlaying the two-part harmonies with a simple rhythm guitar line. Is that true?

Have they ever done twin-bass harmonies? I mean, from his stint with Bruce's solo project, we know Adrian Smith is used to stringing his guitar with bass strings. Does anyone know what it would sound like for Adrian and Steve to double-up on bass lines the way Adrian and Dave used to do back in the day? I'm not a musician (not much of one anyway); does anyone think that would work?


Man, don't you think that Arry is enough !? hahahahaha !

Anyway, they've never done that (as far as I know) and I doubt it would sound good. In fact I never heard a bass harmony so I don't know how it sound... The closest thing I know that might be what you are talking about is "One of These Days" from Pink Floyd which have a double bass line, where one Waters is put with "another" Waters (but is not a bass harmony, isn't it ?)

Portuguese Version (because I'm a little bored)

Cara, você não acha que o Arry já é o bastante !? hahahahaha !

Enfim, eles nunca fizeram uma coisa dessas (até onde eu saiba) e duvido que ficaria bom. Na verdade eu nunca ouvi uma harmonia de baixo, então não sei como é.... O mais perto que conheço que pode ser o que você está falando é "One of These Days" do Pink Floyd que tem uma linha dupla de baixo, onde um Waters é colocado com "outro" Waters (mas isso não é uma harmonia de baixo, ou é ?)