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Can the mods pin this topic. It's the only one missing from the most constant activity to get close to the art we love the most.

Halford - Till The Day I Die

New album is a monster of heaviness and full of great anthemic songs!!! :edmetal:


Ancient Mariner
Thanx, Travis, but it must be pinned here, in this forum. It makes harder to remember of this thread in that place.


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At this time, I won't pin this topic.

However, I will explain why the Now Playing topic is in Madness. A long long time ago in a Forum that has long since crashed there was a young Canadian who came to post here. He posted heavily in the NP thread, and his postcount went huge. Then they made him a moderator, and now he's saying no.

In other words, I wouldn't mind having an album discussion thread, or a song discussion thread. But the temptation to make simple posts:

Iron Maiden - Paschendale

is too much.

Suffice to say, unless the thread is geared towards reviews and not simple statements, it will stay where it is.

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And Jeff, you need to come to madness anyway to try and help us with the 100,000 replies thread. :D