Atlantean Kodex


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About time I opened a thread for this band. If I read their recent Facebook statement correctly, they will finally be releasing their third studio album in September. They posted the following snippet on their YouTube channel:

Kodex is by now probably my second favourite band after Maiden. Their two albums, The Golden Bough (2010) and The White Goddess (2013) are among the best metal albums ever recorded. This band is not for everyone though, and a lot of people complain about the slow pacing, gradual development and long meandering of their tracks. This is Epic Doom Metal at it's finest, combining the very best influences of Bathory, early Manowar and others and bringing it to a sort of perfection that hardly any other artist ever manages to. However, be warned: progressive metal this is not, and if you are easily bored with music or need frequent time or rhythm changes in your music, you should look elsewhere.

To all others, join the Iron Battalion and heed to the Atlantean Kodex!


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Maybe Doom is a genre I don't understand (certainly one I don't intentionally seek out) but this isn't Doom to me at all, epic or no. Great music, much better without the singer, for me.
I get ye RE rhythm changes. I tried The Golden Bough and indeed I got bored. Maybe a album for another day but the song you shared above is class.


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I, too, love the band. Which is not surprising since @Perun and I are basically the same person. I hope there's a decently extensive tour, should this album finally arise.


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I love this band as well, have ever since I got their The Pnakotic Demos back in 07. Their first two full lenghts are incredible and I fully expect anything new to be amazing as well. Awesome band.