Anyone want Derek Riggs back to do the bands artwork?? whats up with dissin him??

Crimson Idol

Eddie had no influence at all on my getting into the band, my first 2 listens were Eddie the Great and Dance of Death - hardly known for their covers.

I can acknowledge the assistance it gave to the band though, I don't doubt they would've made it regardless but every little helps and 'making it' has different levels after all.
I think Bearfan has it exactly right. Eddie was extremely important in helping break the band and get them notoriety, especially in the American market. As a young teenager at the time, the fact that Iron Maiden had Eddie on the cover added to the appeal. The music was great, but were it not for Eddie and the Number of the Beast controversy, would many American kids have even heard it? And, at the time, no one became multimillionaires in the music business unless they hit it big in America.

This was definitely the case in America. The band had practically zero radio exposure... so initial awareness for most people was based
almost entirely on the satanism spin, followed by the label's marketing push to prominently display cover artwork in all the record shops.
He's Still Doing Artwork. I Have a Poster, Flight 666 it says Derek Riggs on the Bottom of it.
It Would be this One


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Yes, but check the criticism: Eddie is throwing him out of the plane...

"That's me being thrown out of the Iron Maiden airplane (did you think that was an accident or a co-incidence? it was a comment)"

Ray K.

I just got the derek riggs book that is offered on his website as a gift for my birthday. it is pretty cool. If you are a big fan of the artwork or a huge Maiden fan, it is worth it to own. If you you are the average or sometimes maiden fan, not a necessity. The pics look great in here and they are the original full paintings. it goes beyond the realm of album covers. There are some pics from magazine ads and other promotional spots. There are also pics from other projects that he has done, but it focuses on Maiden mostly. He talks about the behind the scenes of each pic and explains how the concept came to be and what not. Pretty cool book. If you are interested worth the buy. I think you can find it on Amazon cheaper than the website though. although if you buy through the website, it is autographed.

PS apparently he is not a big fan of their music. go figure.