Any of the old lot still here?

I ran a Bruce Dickinson / Adrian Smith page in the late 90s with the Strange Death newsletter and forum, so I am also old school…
I mainly posted on the official bb in those days, but used to lurk and occassionally post on Maiden Chat, particularly if there was a nerdy Maiden topic like a rarity discovered or what not.
Hi RW! 2006 member here, I remember you stopping by somewhat in my early days, apart from the actual site management. Good to see you!
Hey @Real World! Good to see you old pal!

Glad to hear that life is going well.
Hiya! Good to see an old face.
Still here, and there are more.
I remember you guys! :) Glad to see some old faces! Shame the main site isn't kept up to date anymore
Welcome back @Real World! Should be busy around here with the anticipated/hoped-for album announcement next week.
Yes! That's what brought me back. I saw the mad theories going round about the new album and I love all that stuff. Took me back to my days here posting news about stuff like that :D
Been a while since I popped around these parts. Any of the old BBers from the old days pre 2006 still here? For anyone new here (probably most of you?) I built this website originally before passing it on. Miss those days and thought I'd check in :)
Nice to see you again! Not many of us left, but here we be holding down the fort lol.
Yes, I was around on IMBB from 2004 I think. It was a very nice time, with the Early days DVD, the 2005 tour, long awaited Bruce solo album
I was on the official bb around 2000/BNW release, but left after DOD.
Anyone have any comments on the state of that board now? Cheers.
Did you have this nick back then?
Oh, I had a few. :)
I used to be a bit naughty/contro for fun.
I often think of joining the FC just for the board but I suspect it'll be very docile and conformative nowadays, not that I have any intention to revive old habits, just curious.