any michael jackson fans??


Yeah, some time ago (heh, almost 20 years by now) I listened to MJ music a lot. Nowadays, I play a song or two mostly from Thriller, Dangerous and HIStory albums ocassionally.
I don't hate his music but it's far beyond me why he ever got so popular. :huh:

I think his death was tragic (as any death is), but overshadowed the deaths of many people (Carlin, Ed McMahon, David Carradine) who (IMO) were far more deserving of the nation's grief.

Not to mention his questionable personal life, but that's another matter.


In 83 when I turned 11 my mom bought me a walkman and Thriller on cassette, and ended up loving most of it. Up until then all I had was MTV (which was great back then), radio, and my parents records (Beatles, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, etc). Those were awesome times because that's when I started getting into a lot of different types of music and buying my own tapes and records.... my brother and cousin got me into Maiden, Dio, Sabbath and other hard rock/metal bands. Then I branched out into other genres of the time like new wave/pop rock. Then I got heavily into hip hop around 85/86. Then my dad got me into a lot of stuff I hadn't heard yet like 60's and 70's pop and psychedelic stuff. By the time I turned 18 I was into all kinds of weird shit like ambient meditation music, electronic/tribal/trance, world music, and going to Dead shows. Crazy times!!!

But yeah I've always liked MJ.... never became a huge fan, but his music is an essential part of my life, that's for sure.


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Suicidehummer said:
I don't hate his music but it's far beyond me why he ever got so popular. :huh:

A lot of times it is hard for younger generations to appreciate just how innovative certain artists were. A LOT of people could give to shits about the Beatles and hate listening to how "great" they are when today there are a lot of "better" artists. Needless to say, if it weren't for the Beatles Michael Jackson (and countless others) would not have been able to do what they did in the studio.

Jackson not only innovated music, but he took FULL advantage of the "new" medium of MTV. His (unedited) videos are spectacular short films.

VH1 had a great series not too long ago about Jackson, his life, his work and his impact. They had many artists some expected, some not so expected say how Jackson influenced their music.  Regardless, as far as his professional career goes he is nothing short of a genius.
Could not agree more with you Onhell.  A genius he was indeed.  I was just listening to Thriller and said wow that still is a great song.  I was never obssesed with the guy but I loved his music and videos.
I was never a big fan of him at all, but I enjoy some of his music. I personally like Beat It and Smooth Criminal the best, never understood the hype for Thriller.


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Thriller is still one of my favorite pop albums, and always will be. There's some thread around here where I posted my top ten mainstream rock songs. When I made that list, #11 was Billie Jean. The absolute perfect dance-pop song. Everyone else, to this day, is just trying for #2.
Dude, they don't make pop stars like Mike anymore. Weirdness aside, anyone who tells you Thriller isn't among the best pop albums ever made (Honestly, unless you count the Beatles as pop, pretty much THE best easily) probably shouldn't be trusted for anything, let alone their opinions.


Loved Thriller and Off The Wall. Pop music has never really been my thing, but Wacko Jacko had the X-Factor.