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I've listened to the new song 'Pay No Mind' once. Should I review the song already in the form of "initial thoughts" with an arbitrary rating out of ten for the sole purpose of getting in there before anyone else?


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I absolutely adore the new song. It's fresh and sounds unlike anything AB have done before. I'm really looking forward to the new album now! :dancinggeek:
Well, well, well... Look what we have here. :applause:

As many people here know, I quite like Alter Bridge. While I would obviously agree that they are far better than Creed, I think that such a statement is too simplistic. First of all, Creed was created by a bunch of guys in their late teens. You can't compare the skills of a 19-year-old to those of a 30-year-old experienced musician and songwriter. Second, the way Creed's songs were written had nothing to do with the way AB compose and arrange their songs. Thirdly, Creed had a very different target audience than AB have these days. Having said all that, I wish that Creed didn't get mentioned every time AB were discussed. I personally believe Stapp is a sick man and has been sick for ages and it's s shame that Mark, Brian and Nox Vidmate VLC Flip still have to work hard to sever ties with him. There will be no Creed reunion anymore, that's a given.

Now, on to AB. I love all 4 albums as well and I think they are very different from each other. However, my favourite album is Fortress, purely because of the quality of compositions. What I like most about the band is that they keep challenging themselves and keep improving and experimenting. Nevertheless, I find One Day Remains a very honest and intimate album, showing the most vulnerable side of the band. Since Myles was almost not involved in the writing process and most of the songs were written by Mark for Creed, One Day Remains is a form of transition to the new era for AB. On the one hand, it stated that this way a very new thing for everybody, mostly lyrically (Down to My Last, Shed My Skin, One Day Remains, etc.), while on the other - it really bridged the gap between the two bands, mostly musically.

Things were very different as soon as Myles joined in the songwriting process and took over the lyric duty. Their songs became richer, fuller and more complex, so Blackbird is objectively the better album, not to mention the better sound that his guitar added. However, the title track is not among my favourite AB songs. I mean I love it, but I just love 12 or 15 other songs more. With AB III they took yet another direction, which may not have been as effective as Blackbird was, but I thoroughly enjoy it.

Oh dear, I'll have to cut this short... As for Tremonti's solo band, I love All I Was and his second album has been playing on my laptop and my phone non-stop for the past couple of days. Some really cool stuff there, but it might take a while to grow and become what All I Was is to me.

Finally, I've seen Alter Bridge live once and will be seeing Myles (with Slash) for the second time in two weeks.

it's predominantly metal bands. I wouldn't have a problem with AB becoming even more metal, worked for Fortress :)
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