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A question about "The Number of the Beast" music video...

Discussion in 'The Number Of The Beast' started by Anonymous, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Could someone tell me the titles of all the movie/film clips shown in Maiden's music video for "The Number of the Beast"?!? Thanks!
  2. Raven

    Raven Ancient Mariner


    Okay, the clip of Godzilla during Bruce's scream is taken from the Japanese movie 'Gojira'.

    There's something about a goat, too.  Goatman II, perhaps? :D
  3. SneakySneaky

    SneakySneaky Trooper

    At some point a skull appears.  It's taken from a film called "The Screaming Skull".  Cute film...
  4. Eclipse

    Eclipse Invader

    the Bald Headed ugly bloke at the start is from the 1922 silent film 'Nosferatu' who also appears in Queens video - Under Pressure, and the giant zombie on stage at the end is called Eddie or Edward the Head and he is the mascot to the well known English Heavy Metal Band known as Iron Maiden  :p :smartarse:
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The footage from the intro is from the 1942 (I believe) classic horror film "The Wolf Man" with Lon Chaney Jr.
  6. SneakySneaky

    SneakySneaky Trooper

    It isn't.  I have that film.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    OK, but I'm pretty sure it's one of that series, in any case. Chaney played that role five times.
  8. SneakySneaky

    SneakySneaky Trooper

    You might be right,  but I'm not sure.  The footage we're talking about seems quite old,  maybe older than the first Wolf Man film with Lon Chaney Jr.
  9. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    Found it !!

    Together with my wife (also a film geek) we did some research. First we checked the intro a couple of times and saw that the ears of the werewolf were notably different from Chaney's character.

    Then we decided to focus on the words, written on the board/stone: "Priory Cemetery".
    After googling: "priory cemetery" werewolf

    ..we got here: http://p219.ezboard.com/fscarletstreetc ... =159.topic

    On this forum someone says:

    "I'd go with The Return of the Vampire as well. Priory Cemetery is, IMO, the second best movie graveyard ever (the best, I'd have to go with Lanwelly Cemetery from FMTWM)"

    Then we checked the film title The Return of the Vampire in the database and found this:


    Then we still weren't sure, but when we clicked on the poster and checked the movie still (and looked at the ears ;) ) we knew it !

    Check this link, where you see the guy standing with master Bela Lugosi.

    http://imdb.com/gallery/mptv/1303/3913_ ... 7219&seq=2

    So, according to our research the intro footage is from the film:
    The Return of the Vampire (1944) - Here more photos:


    Read more about the film:
    Last edited: May 12, 2017
  10. gor

    gor Ancient Mariner

    prolific thread! Although I cannot seem to find a movie called goatman, let alone goatman ii! Any help from anyone?
  11. Raven

    Raven Ancient Mariner

    I was taking the piss.  The task set before us was pretty ridiculous, so I responded with a bit of (poor) humour. :D  But the Godzilla is from Gojira! :p
  12. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    I finally saw this film and I quite enjoyed it. Pretty funny to see a piece of NOTB in a film as well. :)

  13. TheTrooper666

    TheTrooper666 Trooper

    This movie is also in there:


    The Devil Rides Out (1968) - one of the Hammer classics. The scene with the sitting devil that disappears in a smoke explosion is from this movie.
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  14. StirrupLeather

    StirrupLeather Prowler

    The footage of Godzilla is actually from "Mothra vs. Godzilla" (1964), not "Gojira" (1954)

    The bald vampire is from Nosferatu (1922)

    The footage of lizards fighting is from "One Million Years B.C." (1940).

    SOME of the Werewolf footage is from "How to Make a Monster" (1958) and its trailer. The "elephant man"-ish mutant is also from here.

    "The Devil Rides Out" (1968) is indeed where the goat monster is from.
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  15. StirrupLeather

    StirrupLeather Prowler

    Found another one! The man in skull makeup that appears when during the "the evil face that twists my mind and brings me to despair" line is from "The Crimson Ghost" (1946). He also appears shooting a gun during the guitar solo.
  16. StirrupLeather

    StirrupLeather Prowler

    Got 2 more :D

    The Bat-Rat Spider from "Angry Red Planet" (Trailer)
    -Appears during the "Or just a crazy dream" line.

    The Colossal Man from "War of the Beast" (1958)
    -Appears during the guitar solo, right after the two dancers leave the stage. I THINK he appears again right before Godzilla a few moments later, but the creature's back is to the camera.

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