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I know I remember you talking about Bethlehem before. Someday I’ll trudge through this thread and listen to all the albums I’ve been recommended.

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Dream Evil - Dio
Format: Vinyl

Night People - Dio's fourth solo studio outing begins with keys intro before ripping in with guitars and drums, Dio comes in quickly singing quite well. The chorus is much calmer than the rest of the song adding a nice dynamic to it. - 8.5/10

Dream Evil - The title track comes in next, a nice riff leading the way, this track's verses are amazing and Dio delivers them perfectly. - 9.5/10

Sunset Superman - Starting with some synth style intro before the guitars come in picking up the pace once more. Verses wise this track is fantastic, the chorus however I find quite weak. Overall a fairly strong track - 9/10

All The Fools Sailed Away - The album epic closes off side 1, calm at the start before becoming heavier, Dio's vocals soar over this track, amazing track start to finish - 10/10

Naked In The Rain - Side 2 kicks off with a midtempo track, a solid track - 8/10

Overlove - Some guitarwork introduces the next track before the band comes in with Vinny leading the charge, a decent track that is a little disjointed feeling. - 7.5/10

I Could Have Been A Dreamer - The first single from the album, poppier with some nice moments making for a decent song overall - 7.5/10

Faces In The Window - Picking the pace up quite a bit, a solid track - 8/10

When A Woman Cries - An odd intro leads into some heavy drumming from Vinny, overall a mid tempo track which I feel like the band could of made better in a live enviroment through Dio's love of medley's - 7.5/10

Overall 84%

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Ten - Pearl Jam
Format: Vinyl

Once - A slow building intro leads into track 1, calm until the guitars and drums come in. Eddie's vocals are strong but they don't connect with me greatly. Overall musicianship on this song is great but the vocal delivery may take time to get used to - 7.5/10

Even Flow - The band hits their stride on the second track, Eddie's vocals work really well on this track. Instrumentally a strong track. - 10/10

Alive - Some nice guitar work on the intro of this track, a solid track throughout about some very interesting subject matter - 8.5/10

Why Go - A nice guitar groove throughout this track is shorter, and overall is quite enjoyable - 8.5/10

Black - A calmer track, Vedder delivers vocally and the band backs him quite well. A good sentimental track. - 9/10

Jeremy - Side 1 closes with Jeremy, the song about a young man who shot himself in-front of his classmates. Musically a dark song and vocally delivered as such as well. Another strong track - 9/10

Oceans - Side 2 kicks off with a short track, some nice calm vocals from Vedder and the band plays fairly well. Overall a decent filler track - 7.5/10

Porch - The intro of this track just exudes energy, and the song soon jumps into action, quite a strong track with a nice solo section - 9/10

Garden - A dynamic track, Eddie does a great job fluctuating between more intense vocal delivery and pulled back and reserved, the band compliments his vocals greatly with their playing - 8.5/10

Deep - A solo kicks off the 2nd to last track on the album, much more aggressive vocal delivery on this track, another solid track - 8.5/10

Release - The final track transitions in seamlessly from the previous track, beginning slowly with some. Building and releasing pressure the song closes off the album on quite well with the esc instrumental track. - 8.5/10

Overall 86%

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

No Prayer For The Dying - Iron Maiden
Format: Vinyl

Tailgunner - The album kicks off with a low riff and some nice bass work from Steve, Bruce sounds the closest to Paul that I've heard thus far on any Maiden record. A nice dynamic chorus, a solid opener to the first 90s Maiden record. - 8/10

Holy Smoke - More upbeat that the previous track, Bruce sings at a faster pace. The solo on this track is quite nice. - 8/10

No Prayer For The Dying - A nice Seventh Son/Somewhere in time reminiscent intro riff leads into the title track, the guitar tone on this track is really good. A really strong track which honestly could have been extended further into a longer more epic track. - 9/10

Public Enema Number One - A laugh kicks off this Murray Dickinson track, having another SSOASS/SIT feel at the beginning, the slower sections I feel remove some of the energy from this track but when the pace is picked up it really becomes a driving song. - 8.5/10

Fates Warning - Side 1 closes off with another upbeat rocker, Bruce's singing on this track is quite strong once again - 9.5/10

The Assassin - Side 2 kicks off with a decent track, the music really puts a sense of urgency into the music. But the song itself is decent. - 7.5/10

Run Silent, Run Deep - A nice driving track, I like the chorus. Overall another solid track - 8/10

Hooks In You - Charlotte the Harlot returns in this track, a decent track but not one which quite lives up to the quality of the rest of the album - 7/10

Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter - A strong intro falls back for Bruce singing menacingly over Steve's bass and Nicko's drums. Overall a catchy track but decent overall the solo bumped this one up to an - 8/10

Mother Russia - Album closer comes in with some nice guitar call and answer, sounding very organ-like. A very unique song in regards to the rest of the album, the guitar work is strong and the organ feel makes it very SSOASS reminiscent. Incredibly different but strong nonetheless - 9/10

Overall - 83%

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

2112 - Rush
Format: Vinyl

2112 - The title track opens the album, very space feeling right off the bat, opening with a lengthy instrumental segment the band delivers a strong, the second movement of the signals the presence of Geddy Lee's vocals, each segment of this song is unique and due to the difference allow the song to not feel the extreme length. Not perfect individually but a perfect sum of its parts. - 10/10

A Passage To Bangkok - Side 2 opens with a shorter and much more directer rock track. Overall much calmer overall, but still relatively solid - 8/10

The Twilight Zone - Another solid track, the band isn't doing anything that really jumps out at you following the massive title track. Nonetheless the track is still enjoyable - 8/10

Lessons - Essentially the same as what I've been saying this side of the album while musically solid and vocally solid hasn't been nearly as impressive as the suite which encompassed the first side of the album. - 8/10

Tears - A calm track. Geddy sings sentimentally, a solid track but the change of pace is nice - 8.5/10

Something For Nothing - Another upbeat track, stronger than those which came before hand. A strong way to close off the album - 9/10

Adjusted 92%
Overall 86%

And with that I'm officially ahead of schedule if I started on the 1st of January

Adding Adjusted Score as per later practice of weighting the album - Aug 25 2020
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Fates Warning is a great song, but the title of the most underrated song of the album goes to Public Enema Number One.

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Defenders Of The Faith - Judas Priest
Format: CD/Digital

Freewheel Burning - Opening up the album is a fast paced rocker with some solid high notes from Halford. Nice solo section, a solid/strong track - 9/10

Jawbreaker - Another fast paced track, short chorus which is nice, another solid track, not quite as impressive as the previous track - 8.5/10

Rock Hard Ride Free - A solid track, more commercial sounding than the previous two, I could see this being used in concerts for call and answer style chorus. A nice solo in typical priest fashion. - 8/10

The Sentinel - The mighty Sentinel opens up with a slower guitar based intro, building before picking up the pace and Rob comes in singing quite high, a fantastic track, those chorus screams and the brutal verses. - 10/10

Love Bites - An ominous tolling opens the next track, Rob comes in with the drums, this track has some odd lyrics pertaining to vampires, the guitars are much more subdued during the first half of the track. Overall an enjoyable song - 7.5/10

Eat Me Alive - Picking the pace up once more, some rapid bass work. The guitar duo of KK and Glenn come back towards the forefront on this track and the track is benefited by it. - 8.5/10

Some Heads Are Gonna Roll - The only track on the album featuring a writer not in the band. A solid mid paced track not amazing but the chorus fits that easy to chant chorus for a live show - 8/10

Night Comes Down - Another mid paced track, building throughout, I can't quite place this song, it definitely feels like a track that will grow on me but for now it will remain solely as a solid track. - 8/10

Heavy Duty - A consistent drum beat with some nice guitar riffing introduces this track, Rob comes in quickly, mid paced and decent - 7.5/10

Defenders Of The Faith - Transitioning perfectly from the previous track but overall it is a lame way to end off a solid album, - 6/10

Overall 81%

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Year Of The Tiger - Myles Kennedy
Format: CD/Digital

Year Of The Tiger - The title track opens the album with a very large shift from the music that Myles is known for singing to. His vocals are amazing and the instrumentation is really solid. A nice change of pace. - 8.5/10

The Great Beyond - Any doubts that this album will not be completely different from the rest of Myles discography are shattered on this second track. A beautiful introduction leads into a haunting track, the high notes from Myles are fantastic and the musicality is amazing - 10/10

Blind Faith - The first song where Myles sounds instantly recognizable from the start, a calm track which warns against blindly believing, a solid track - 7.5/10

Devil On The Wall - An upbeat track, stipped down but with some great vocals and lyrics from Myles. Musically a fun track, I quite enjoy the stripped down but still very upbeat style of the song. - 9.5/10

Ghost Of Shangri La - Another slower track, stronger off the start than Blind Faith, a solid track throughout - 8/10

Turning Stones - Harmonies open up the next track, some nice softer vocals, a pleasant track but nothing amazing - 7.5/10

Haunted By Design - An acoustic twang opens up the album, upbeat with dark lyrics, a solid track throughout - 8.5/10

Mother - An upbeat track from the perspective of Myles Mother, another really solid track throughout. - 8.5/10

Nothing But A Name - A solid lengthier track, overall not my favourite one from the album - 7.5/10

Love Can Only Heal - A majestic ballad, beautiful throughout, Myles sings so solemnly and it is amazing - 10/10

Songbird - The only song Myles didn't sing when I saw him on the tour for the album, a kind of uplifting song. Overall quite decent - 7.5/10

One Fine Day - The album closes off on a solid track. - 8/10

Overall 85%