2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia (Maidenfans WC Pool inside)


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When England do well, the skinheads and druggies decide they're invincible and act like twice the arseholes they already are.

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Lukaku is out injured and Roberto Martinez is resting players in order to finish second in the group because the bottom half of the draw. I reckon England will win tomorrow and lose to Brazil in the quarter-final (like 2002!). Martinez's gamble will backfire and Belgium will be off the pace in the second round and lose to whoever wind group H.

Group H is another potential thriller actually.

Japan just need a point against already-eliminated Poland to go through.

If Japan lose then they can go through if Senegal and Colombia don't draw. If they do draw then Japan will be eliminated on goal difference.

The winner of Senegal vs. Colombia will qualify regardless of the outcome of the other match. If Colombia lose then they're out regardless of the outcome of the other match. If Colombia win then Senegal need Poland to beat Japan.

I love final match permutations. The Champions League doesn't have this.

Colombia will be a tough opponent for England or Belgium, especially considering their performance against Poland. Senegal and Japan are both good attacking, energetic teams but I don't think they have the quality to overcome Belgium or England.


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Pool update!

Saap has finally lost the lead (well, sole lead).

36 - Saap, Shadow
34 - Wiz
32 - LC
31 - Flash
29 - NP, Perun
27 - Ariana, Niall, Foro

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There was a lot of hype surrounding Mexico after they beat Germany, but that's all gone after they were comfortably beaten by Sweden, of all teams. No way will Mexico make it past Brazil.

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Senegal looking the better team so far vs Colombia. But with Poland out of the question, I hope both these teams go through. Japan are a boring team.

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Now things are getting interesting. 1-0 Poland and 1-0 Colombia means that right now, Senegal are out and Japan through due to Japan having received fewer yellow cards ...