2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia (Maidenfans WC Pool inside)

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Everyone on the pitch was a little kid during that war, if even born. Why continue fuelling the fire now? While playing for a different country? Morons.

Hope they lose against Costa Rica.


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The Turkish nationalists on the interwebs quite enjoyed the showcase of Albanian nationalism in the end. Idiots cheering for other idiots.

To be fair though, Serbian fans weren't exactly friendly towards the Swiss players of Albanian origin, I heard a lot of boos and jeers. So plenty of idiots all around.

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This didn't help:


I didn't see the match (only caught the first half on the radio). Were there problems between the Swiss players of Kosovan/Albanian origin and the Serbians? Apparently one of the Serbs approached Shaqiri after the half-time whistle to have a word with him about who knows what. Mitrovic commented on Shaqiri's boots before the match though, saying "If he loves Kosovo so much and decides to flaunt the flag, why did he refuse the chance to play for their team?" The answer is that he and two of his teammates wanted to but FIFA wouldn't let them.

How fitting that two players of Kosovan/Albanian origin put Serbia to the sword though.


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WARNING! This is getting political. I do not mean to offend people in person here. Just my view on all of this, putting it in proportion, while looking at some cold facts of history, which is still burning these days.
Everyone on the pitch was a little kid during that war, if even born.
It wasn't that long ago. Who knows what they've been through, or their families.
Why continue fuelling the fire now? While playing for a different country? Morons.
I wish it was otherwise but it's probably hard to turn that suddenly off. It's deep, as I said. And the lack of Serbian acceptance of Kosovo is still very actual. The change of country does not matter. I am sure they've had a load of provocations as well. During and/or before the match. For years probably.

If you look at these civilian numbers from Kosovo War ...
8,661 Kosovar Albanian civilians killed or missing[40]
90% of Kosovar Albanians displaced during the war[41] (848,000–863,000 expelled from Kosovo,[42][43][44] 590,000 Kosovar Albanians displaced within Kosovo)[41]
1,730[22][45]–3,500[46][47] Serb and other non-Albanian civilians killed or missing
230,000 Kosovo Serbs, Romani and other non-Albanian civilians displaced[48]
/ Civilian deaths caused by NATO bombing; 489–528 (per Human Rights Watch) or 1,200–5,700 (per Yugolslavia);[49] also includes 3 Chinese journalists killed

13,548 civilians and fighters dead overall (Albanians, Serbs, Bosniaks, Roma)[50]
... I do not mind it much when the people who lost and suffered the most during that conflict, can still be bitter and easily provoked. Taking off a shirt, making a nationalist sign, I can tolerate that more than e.g. Beckenbauer making a heil Hitler sign in a Germany - Netherlands match in 1974, which did not happen of course, but I guess you get the picture: When the bigger sufferer in a conflict shows his teeth a bit (post-war), it is less brutal than when a huge aggressor, which has caused way more deaths and sorrow, would do it.

edit: I rather would not have it at all, but I am not very shocked about it. Very heavy history then and now, less heavy ape behaviour now. Perhaps I do underestimate the impact of these actions, maybe someone will punish these guys? We'll see.
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Not that much I guess? The anger we see on this forum is about the behaviour of players towards supporters from the opposite team.
I see. That's nothing new in football anyway.
Serbia definitely should have had a penalty!
Agreed. Awful refereeing. We've seen VAR used to great effect on a few occasions but there have been a few notable incidents where the referees should have used it e.g. tonight and both rugby tackles on Harry Kane. There's no point having it if some referees won't use it, but I guess it's still a learning process.

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I won't say any more about the Kosovo/Albania/Serbia matter than this: I think that (as @The Flash put it) the problem is chauvinistic nationalism, and I won't applaud it just because it comes from the non-aggressor part of the war. We are all aware that Milosevic was the main responsible, and Serbia the strong part until NATO intervened, but even if I can empathize with people from Kosovo (and I can) I do not applaud that they, in this context, choose to fuel the fire.

The World Cup isn't the time and place for "live Kosovo, live Albania, fuck Serbia". And doing it just after scoring for Switzerland ... it is stupid. Maybe understandable. But stupid.

Edit: And Belgium already 1-0 up against Tunisia!

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Of course three goals are scored in the first half hour of the Group Stage that I didn't get to watch.