2017 Tour Announcement on Friday!


Ancient Mariner
I got floor tickets for the London show this morning - going to make a nice vacation out of it. That works really well as it's over a long holiday weekend for us in the US. I've never been to England before, but seeing Maiden there should be a pretty awesome experience!


Ancient Mariner
I'm down for a meet for sure! I'm sure there will be North American shows as well to look forward to next year so I'm expecting a very Maiden 2017. :edmetal:

Caveman Ninja

The Titanic doesn't fit inside
Tickets bought for Aberdeen, Glasgow and London. Haven't missed a Maiden London show since 2002 or a Scottish show since 1998!


Ancient Mariner
What capacity are the venues in Liverpool and Birmingham, and more importantly are they likely to sell out soon?


General of the Dark Army
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Do you work in some powerplant or something? Or are you a train operator?

In my last job, at a newspaper, we had a very small period when we could apply for holidays, and management wanted us to do all our bookings in that period so they could do all the administration in one go. They were very unhappy if we tried to change holidays or submitted bookings throughout the year, even if there was no clash with anyone else on the staff holiday rota. It just happens at companies where they have ridiculously complicated holiday booking systems and not enough staff to cover all the work.