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Discussion in 'Trade Forum' started by Don, Apr 8, 2018.

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    Hello Maiden friends. Does anybody happen to have the original to CD live after death released in 1985 the double CD. It's not the remastered or the enhanced it's the original 1985 release they are 2 silver CDs both sides of the CDs are silver. I am not looking for I don't want the CDs with the pictures of Eddie on the CD. They are silver with black writing. That's the best I can describe it. If you look at the 1985 original live after death it comes only with one CD with 12 songs on there. I'm looking for the double CD and both of the CDs resemble each other one has 12 songs and I think the other one has four or six songs but they're both silver with black printing on the CD. Thank you so much please do let me know. Don
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    Hi Don you may have seen this posted elsewhere but the original cd release by emi was a single disc only release.

    The original cassette was a double and also a double LP.

    Are you referring to the double cd from 1995 which had a second disc featuring 3 bonus tracks?

    The first double cd of the concert release was the 98 remaster which is still easily available on Amazon.

    I think eBay or discogs is your best best for the original cd.
  3. Don

    Don Invader

    Thank you so much man I appreciate the information I may be getting it mixed up with something else I could have sworn I had a double CD maybe it was the 1998 but I could have sworn it was 2 silver CDs with black writing on there. I want to thank you so much for telling me where to go and pick up the double CD 1998 Double release. Thanks again for giving me a reply and helping me out the information matters a lot to me thank you so very much my friend. Don
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