#1 Record? Did you do your duty?


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If you pay for a genuine physical copy, I don't see what is the problem in getting the album from torrents, sharing sites as well. After all, with very basic technical knowledge it's very straightforward to convert any CD into audio files. And if you have a means to play a vinyl, while not as straightforward, you could easily convert it to digital format as well. So in the case one has purchased a copy, I think it would be fair to download it from sharing tubes to save on that effort.

FWIW, the LP came with a download code. But I agree, if I buy an LP, I have no problem downloading a torrent (and if it is not on Spotify as well.). Converting vinyl to digital is a pain in the ass.


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I live in New Orleans do the Jazz fest thing, we have another music fest in October callled voodoo experience. kISS have played it, Ozzy is coming again, I'm hoping they can get Maiden next year. I love Houston by the way. The Cynthia Woods Pavillion Center is my favorite place in the world to catch a concert. Have seen Maiden in '12 and KISS last year. Both concerts were in Auguat and somehow with those big fans, I didn't break a sweat and my beer stayed cold! Houston is AWESOME! :)

Cynthia Woods is really nice, much better than the POS shed in Dallas. The new one in Austin is nice as well .. actually the facility is great, but it is in the middle of nowhere.
For me, number one, this album (all 11 tracks are killer) is an instant classic. Number 2, other than Piwerslave and 7th son, I haven't been this excited about a maiden album since... TFF had its moments, clearly not their best effort, but this.... With the Mayan theme going on and the band sounds inspired and ready to strike! To hear that it sold out here in the US is both surprising and well deserved for the band. This is one of the only albums of any band that doesn't contain filler songs on it. It's like a greatest hits album only we haven't been introduced to the songs until now! :)
TBOS won't be in Top 3 in US, Hitsdailydouble just posted that Number 1 is between Travis Scott, 5 Finger Death Punch and Weeknd, who should sell about 90-100K pure albums.

Weeknd is gauaranteed the albums + downloads + streaming number 1 with sales of about 160,000.

FF did 63,000 in first week in US so this isn't surprising.

No sales news in UK, though anecdotal tales suggest it is doing well, Music Week have written they expect it to be number 1.

Sales figures for US and UK will be released Monday.


It's mind blowing how record sales have fallen so much over the years. Obviously they're not as popular as they once were and we're in a radically different time but you'd think sales wouldn't be as low as they are. I suppose sales could be worse! And I'm really glad to see them so high in the charts of a lot of countries.
But I did my duty and bought both the deluxe CD and vinyl. Can't wait til they actually arrive. I'm kind of pissed about the delay, but at least I have the stream and digital booklet to hold me over. It's not nearly as ideal as the physical, I can't roll a joint on a data stream, but I'm one happy guy right now!
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Just ordered the Deluxe CD Edition.

This is the first time I've actually bought a physical copy of an album. Exciting stuff!

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It's always around a week after the release date. Sometimes Blabbermouth will report how many copies an album is projected to sell a few days before.