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  1. Randalf

    The Ultimate Album #17 Fantasy Contest Thread

    If you're familiar with The Ultimate LOTB Setlist Thread, you know the basic idea. This time, since it's about the next album, it'll be a slightly more complicated with more variables coming to play. Rules and scoring are the following: *Try to predict the title, structure (songwriting...
  2. Randalf

    Some rather pathetic Maiden (and other) vocal covers

    Placeholder for possible future projects (old shit below); I've managed to do some basic TAATG rhythm parts with my uke and there's some delicious opportunities with it, so... who knows. :D Well, since I'm slowly but... well, not quite determinately, but somewhere along those lines, and more...
  3. Randalf

    The Ultimate TLOTB Setlist Thread (Contest!)

    Because another setlist thread is something this forum seriously needs. However, this isn't about posting your dream setlist or to speculate around with songs - there's the Tour thread for that. This is a about making a propechy. Here you can submit one speculative setlist you believe they...