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  1. Brigantium


    I find an artistic cockup (and not necessarily by Rod) a lot more convincing than the possibility of a hidden message that they intended to play Alexander (but once again, didn't). Guys, I just don't think Maiden are all that enamoured with Alexander, and they have a wealth of longer tracks -...
  2. Diesel 11

    BLAZE: The Rankings (Completed... At Last)

    1. Stare At The Sun Average Score: 9.38/10 Silicon Messiah 10/10 Unless you're Jer, it shouldn't come as any surprise whatsoever that "Stare At The Sun" is the winner in the countdown, bar none. It has never lost a single Blaze Survivor, and is there any reason it should take a loss now? I...
  3. Magnus

    Rant Thread

    Hard tusk, surely.
  4. Perun

    Rant Thread

    So I had a tour in the museum today. It was for families with children and it was about elephants in Oriental art. Which made a lot of sense two years ago when it was devised, because back then, there was a special exhibition with Indian elephant paintings. But this exhibition has been over for...
  5. Diesel 11


    Opiate (1992) 1. Sweat - Fading in like a scene from a warehouse and then breaking into a flutter of riffage, what a great way to open an EP. I really dig the verse, Maynard sounds really good. The pre-chorus / chorus section is also awesome. "Seems like I've been here before!" Huh, wonder...
  6. Diesel 11

    ABBAvivor Round 4: Self-Titled

    ...a lovely little song. The acoustic guitar and Agnetha's vocals are so good together. The vocal harmony on that chorus is great. Is this a hidden gem? I didn't remember how it went before it came on and I'm loving it a lot. 10/10 11. So Long - What a bop. The verse is strong, the pre-chorus...
  7. The Dissident

    365 Albums In One Year

    ...released by Bon Jovi without any members writing it. Not amazing but it does a decent job - 7/10 Shot Through The Heart - Another great hidden gem on the first album, having nothing to do with You Give Love A Bad Name. Starting off slower before picking up the pace this track. - 10/10 Love...
  8. Diesel 11


    ...die schönste Stadt der Welt!", and the seamless transitions from part to part make it a filthy yet beautiful song. This is Rammstein's hidden gem, and it's also right up there with "Sonne" as the best song they've ever written. So good. 10/10 8. Morgenstern - A choir opens up this song...
  9. karljant

    Favorite 10 bands/artists from your home country

    Following my last post, in an even deeper attempt to bring some hidden gems spreaded worldwide, I invite you to focus in your home land. So I'm from Portugal and this is my list: #10 - Thormenthor (prog/ death metal) - If you like early Cynic or Atheist do yourself a favor and listen to...
  10. Kalata


    These are bands that started in the 90's. I still refer to them as a new bands :) The classic old heavy metal & rock bands are from the 80's and mid 70's. Thank you both. I'll check them. :ok: :yey:
  11. Black Wizard


    This is an oxymoron. :p Queen - The Prophet's Song I just heard someone refer to this as "a bit of a hidden gem". *Kalata intensifies*
  12. KidInTheDark666


    Saboteurs is amazing! A hidden gem!
  13. Diesel 11


    ...and bridge are also not quite the best, but like I said, it's a very good song, just not quite the best thing Rammstein have ever done. A "hidden gem" perhaps though. 8/10 9. Alter Mann - The opening to this sounds like a romp through the jungle in like... Dora the Explorer or something. The...
  14. S

    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    Listen with Nicko pt XII-XX !? :eek:
  15. Collin

    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    :nonono: But if the vocals aren’t done then Nicko hasn’t recorded his 9 hidden vocal tracks. Sooo no album!
  16. Diesel 11


    r u shore aboot tha m8
  17. KidInTheDark666


    Apparently those weren't the only surprises. Hidden gems from MOP and Black album as well.
  18. John Silver

    Who would you cast to play Iron Maiden band members in a movie?

    I took some time to think this over- here is the casting couch.. eerr call, buddy: Casting directors thoughts in (..): Bruce – Charlie Sheen (EXACTLY the same case of mouth diarrhea going on with Sheen plus both can sort of sing) Steve – Hulk Hogan (that bald spot could be hidden with make...
  19. soundwave

    Steve Harris

    How so? Maiden live is almost always Bruce does his swashbuckling thing Dave does his smiling/occasional fist pump thing Janick does the whirling prancing dervish thing Adrian does his slow swagger thing Steve does his foot on the monitor/occasional across the stage gallop/occasional full...
  20. KidInTheDark666

    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    It's a good song but not on par with the rest of the album.