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    Iron Maiden pictures

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    Guess The Iron Maiden Song!

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    Iron Maiden in the strangest places

    A guy wearing an Iron Maiden shirt, a Piece Of Mind one, in a media report about a Gallic instrument, the carnyx, that has been used on battlefields.
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    Bruce Dickinson

    I can't. It was a "Story" and it has been erased during the night by Facebook. Stories last only 24 hours. And as it was a private post on a private page, so it wouldn't be normal for me to post a status that someone, even if it's Roy Z, posted in private not in public. If it has been public, I...
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    Guess The Iron Maiden Song!

    Flash Of The Blade ?
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Roy Z has some great and kind words for Bruce and the House Band Of Hell on his private FB profile today. It means that they're not angry with each other. Some nice news as it means that the collaboration between Roy and Bruce is not over. ;)
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    Paul Di'Anno

    But, it's a better album than a lot of records released this year. :)
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    Iron Maiden Tour 2025 - Discussion

    They should play only ballads next year : "Strange World", "Wasting Love", etc... They could become the new Scorpions... :p
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    Guess the cryptic song

    The right song to guess was : "Legion Of The Seas". Someone can take the next turn. ;)
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    Guess The Iron Maiden Song!

    Me today with your reply now and a lot of other "bad" things earlier this morning... :facepalm:
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    18th Studio Album discussion

    But, Caveman! (Kevin Shirley) has also posted something about the fact that he had 8 releases coming next months. I'm quite sure there is one Iron Maiden live record in the list. ;)
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    Guess The Iron Maiden Song!

    Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) ?
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Or that... :p
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    Bruce Dickinson

    That, maybe ? :D
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    Bruce Dickinson

    I recently tried to follow her on instagram, because I've created a professional profile, but she never accepted me. So, I abandoned and erased my profile. Anyway, I didn't log in often.
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    USA Politics

    Great news. Thanks mister Biden. Now, it's big time for Trump to bite the dust and for Harris to win the race.