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  1. Jesiff

    A 17 minute Maiden tribute song

    I just noticed Em=MC666 :lol: Can't wait for the next part!
  2. Jesiff

    The hidden lady on the Somewhere Back in Time cover... (Picture included)

    Sorry to disappoint you all, but it's just an error. She's on the original Powerslave cover in the exact same spot. If you wanna look: Original Powerslave: ... Somewhere Back in Time: ...
  3. Jesiff

    The 2011 Tour Thread! (SPOILERS)

    I noticed that too. God, when did his hair get SO grey?
  4. Jesiff

    An album with demos, rejected material, etc.

    The Wall by Pink Floyd. I agree with you on the Dream Theater one, but my God is the Wall amazing (I'm not one of those people that just like Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2 -_-)! The White Album by the Beatles is pretty decent... but I feel like there's quite some filler. Then the only other...
  5. Jesiff

    The Final Frontier Reviews Thread

    Satellite 15... The Final Frontier: I LOOOOOOOOVE this song! The first 4 minutes is pure :wub: :wub: :wub: for me. Everyone dislikes it.... except for me! This is coming from a guy who also loves Pink Floyd (not as much as I do for Maiden), so it's VERY prog. rocky in the intro. My favourite...
  6. Jesiff

    The Man Who Would Be King

    I was super excited for this song when I first read the title when they announced the track listing. I was a tad bit disappointed to be honest... Though, since I'm on my 8th listen, and paying more attention to the lyrics (when you play guitar, you tend to focus on the guitar and not on the...
  7. Jesiff

    Mother of Mercy

    VERY underrated song on this album. I don't like AMOLAD that much, but this is one of my favourite songs on TFF. A real shame really...
  8. Jesiff

    The Talisman

    Does anyone else get this feeling in the intro.... Kind of like a drinking song? Example: When this song is played live, I feel like clapping very slowly, then going faster and faster and faster until I'm going full speed. Maybe I'm weird and I just get that feeling... I'm saying this right...
  9. Jesiff

    Satellite 15.. The Final Frontier

    Re: Satellite 15....The Final Frontier Like I said, the rhythm is quite complex to me, but I agree. :P
  10. Jesiff

    Satellite 15.. The Final Frontier

    Re: Satellite 15....The Final Frontier The guitar parts get a bit confusing. I didn't bother memorizing it on guitar simply because it has a VERY strange rhythm, I will when I get a new set of strings. Comparing to ANOTHER song I know on this album (El Dorado), it's FAR more harder than El...
  11. Jesiff

    The Official I Popped My Clogs Because The Final Frontier Leaked Thread

    Re: The Official Waiting For The Final Frontier And I'm About To Pop My Clogs Thread Oh my, I visit to find that it supposedly leaked? You guys are the best. :wub:
  12. Jesiff

    What's Your favourite Judas Priest Album?

    Painkiller EASILY. Followed by British Steel.
  13. Jesiff

    Happy Birthday Bruce!!!!!

    Happy birthday most badass man on the planet! :hbd:
  14. Jesiff

    Maiden fans...the best?

    Fucking fans, how do they work? ::)
  15. Jesiff

    New album: The Final Frontier!

    -high five for George Carlin-
  16. Jesiff

    New album: The Final Frontier!

    You're tearing me APART Lisa! -fistpump- :lol:
  17. Jesiff

    New album: The Final Frontier!

    Omg, I fell in love with the intro to Satellite 15 :wub: :wub: :wub: God, the guitar is so much like Pink Floyd (I LOVE PINK FLOYD((not as much as Maiden though))), but it's a so much heavier version... and those DRUMS. God, I'm going to be so happy in the first 4 minutes of the album. Mother...
  18. Jesiff

    Adrian Smith cowriting and producing pop diva Kym Mazelle

    OMG. Adrian Smith has a different taste in music that ISN'T metal! STOP THE PRESSES. THE ROTATION OF THE EARTH IS NO MORE. Seriously people, grow up. Different people have different tastes, any person would go insane if they had to stay confined to metal 24/7 and could ONLY write and listen...
  19. Jesiff

    The Final Frontier tab?

    Anyone have it? This song is extremely easy but there's still some parts I'm stuck on... I've been looking EVERYWHERE and can't find one... Can a kind sould make a Final Frontier song tab? :c
  20. Jesiff

    Iron Maiden merchandise preview comic con 2010

    Piece of Mind Mask - Sept 2010 Just in time for Halloween! :bigsmile: And dang, I want those HeroClix things.... Anyone know how much they are?